Separate text authorities for "Soldiers of the cross, arise"?

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While investigating texts of William Walker's Southern Harmony (1835), came across BRUCE'S ADDRESS, with text that begins

Soldiers of the Cross, arise: / Lo! your Captain, from the skies / Holding forth the glittering prize

with four stanzas in meter 77. 75. D. Apparently first published in Broaddus, The Dover Selection of Spiritual Songs, not surprising since this is a standard reference for William Walker, and is cited many times in Southern Harmony. This text is unascribed in Broaddus, and it appears to be anonymous. It is very different (except the first two lines) from Hymnary text authority "soldiers_of_the_cross_arise_lo_your_lead", which begins

Soldiers of the cross, arise! / Lo! your leader from the skies / Waves before you glory's prize

with three stanzas in meter (first st.) or 77.76.D (the other two). By the way, the word "prize" is almost the last word in common between the two versions. This was published in Joshua Leavitt's The Christian Lyre (1830), the accepted text by Charles Nutter (1900) and John Julian (1905). See a comparison of the two texts at!msg/fasola-discussions/XAJYVqa9E5o/9_8Ff8YRCQAJ. I wonder if the two first lines come from the same unpublished source. Notice that Waterbury and Leavitt are Congregationalist and New York and northward, compared with Broaddus and Walker Baptist and Virginia southward.

Suppose I am right, and these are indeed different texts. How do I go about separating instances and scanned images? I have already corrected the existing authority, but it now contains a lot of instances deriving from Broaddus's text.


It looks like there was only one "Captain" version from Southern Harmony with the "Leader" versions. I fixed it. 

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