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Yesterday I created the beginnings of a database for Trinity Psalter Hymnal, as far as I can tell the first 2018 publication in the database. I entered the first 25 or so hymns (texts and tunes). I actually created two such hymnal authorities, because the first one was incomplete (I was working on a cover image for it when I accidentally saved the authority (which meant of course that it would be inaccessible for a day or so); that was TPH2018.  So then I created TPH2018a I think I called it, with the intention of moving its contents to TPH2018 after the latter became visible. I added TPH2018a to My Hymnals so I could keep working on it today, but now it's gone missing from My Hymnals. Who did this to me and/or to the database, and why?


I moved the contents of TPH2008a into TPH2008 because I did not understand why two identical hymnals were added. You should be able to find a hymnal you have recently added by typing the id into the URL as in "hymnal/TPH2008"

Not 2008. It's hot off the press. If you moved it 2008 (and if I mistakenly named it that) then that explains why I couldn't find it under 2018.

But I did have to add it to My Hymnals again.

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