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Harry, please!

I donated $25, and ever since, every time I arrive at I am greeted by this: [image, which doesn't show when I save it so here's a link] Each time, I click on the "I have already donated. Please don't show me this again this fund drive." button and it goes away. But as soon as I click on a link, it comes back. It is not at all pleasant, and if I were less interested in hymnology and less grateful for the large amount of value I get from, I would be dissuaded by it from ever giving again. Since I am logged in, and since I have donated within the last week, it really should know better than to badger me this way. It takes up half the screen, and is of less value to me than the new, larger, but harder to decipher and navigate, search results, which at least have the grace to offer a link to the easier-to-use and more capable old results page.




The box appears on every page - the home page, the search results page, the text pages, the tune pages, until you turn it off for each page. You only need to turn it off once per page you use and then you should not see it again. We do this because many people do not arrive at our site through our home page, but arrive through a Google search which brings them directly to a text page, a tune page or a person page. The fund drive is temporary, it will last through June and then again in December.

It says it's supposed to be gone for the duration of the fund drive, but every time I visit, usually through the home page, there it is again. Blocking half of my screen that I am trying to do work, partly on your behalf, on. There is a point where advertising becomes a negative draw.

Which browser are you using? Does the notice disappear after clicking the button, at least for a while, or does it come back the next time you go to another page? or does it come back the next day when you visit the site?

Occasionally I use Firefox, Edge or IE, but I don't use them often enough to know if it's a problem on them. I also have a copy of Safari on my laptop here, but I'm pretty sure I've never used it for Hymnary (or to surf at all; I use it for opening files with oddball extensions that only it can handle.)


The Hymnary site uses a cookie to track whether to show the fund drive notice. Most likely your browser is not saving the cookie for some reason. There is a setting (Settings->Advanced->Content Settings->Cookies) "Keep local data only until I quit my browser" If this setting is turned on the cookie will not be saved. You can also add to the "Allow" list on the cookes settings page to see if that makes a difference.

Even though I didn't change any settings.

So far today it has only had the dunning notice before I login. Still half of June to go. Maybe God did it.

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