Choruses of Hymns

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There are quite a few hymns that have their choruses used in some hymnals apart from the full hymnal text. For example:

The Hymn: There's a peace in my heart that the world never gave
and its chorus: Constantly Abiding

Should the instances of the choruses be merged into the main hymn, or kept separately?
The same question goes for their tunes.

I have notices that in most cases they are separate, but in some they are merged.


If there is a chorus without the verses, then it should be kept as a separate text. The reason is that the chorus often stands alone and that many hymns may have the same chorus. Also, many hymns were originally written without choruses and had many different choruses tacked on later. However, since the tune is the same, it should go with its tune in one record. If the tune of the chorus is different than the verse, you can add the incipit of the chorus to the instance.

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