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In "My Hymnals" there are 19 items that show a "Currently unavailable" tag. I don't know what is meant by this. Click here to see an example. Most of these are fairly ephemeral or otherwise relatively unimportant items from the point of view of the Hymnary.org database as a whole, but there are exceptions, probably most notably SH2012. What does this tag really mean, and is there a way to get it removed? It does not mean that they don't physically exist, nor does it mean that the spreadsheet for it is empty.

Also, I had an item in "My Hymnals" called "Shaping Sanctuary", and today I thought I would add to the list of hymns in it, but when I put the title in the search bar I got a result that led to a dead end. This image shows at the top the results of searching in the search bar, and then below that the result of clicking on the results.

I have reentered a (partial) list of texts and tunes in "Shaping Sanctuary" (the hymnal portion of the work runs from page 270 to page 369, so I have a ways to go and still haven't attached any authorities or anything). But I'm concerned about why it disappeared all except the search results the way it did. For the moment it's back in My Hymnals, and doesn't sport a "Currently unavailable" tag.


Where it says "currently unavailable" it means the hymnal exists on our site, but it is not available for searching for various reasons. One reason it may be unpublished is because the hymnal looks to be locally published and not widely available, such as available in a library or for sale on Amazon. Therefore it is outside the scope of our collection. Another reason for a hymnal being unpublished is that the contents are a mess. If you think a hymnal has been wrongly designated as unpublished PM me.

Since any hymnal that exists on our site is available for adding to My Hymnals we wanted general users who add these unpublished hymnals aware of this (they should be able to be searched by logged in editors). I'm not sure why SH2012 was unpublished, but it has been changed to published.

As for "Shaping Sanctuary," the hymnal id was changed to SS2001 to reflect our hymnal id making conventions - the first initials of the words in the title followed by the date of publication. I am trying to only change hymnals that appear to be abandoned - i.e. not worked on for a long time. You should be able to search by the title of the hymnal to find any hymnals that have been changed. You have started at least 120 hymnals and not finished them. It would be helpful to our users if one hymnal is fully complete (tunes, people, copyright info, topics and scriptures) before you started on another one.

I admit I have started way more hymnals than I should have. I am trying to at least get the texts and tunes all in now before I move on to the next (you will note I recently completed the first-level entries for "For the Living of These Days", which should probably have a proper name-change performed on it, and also IndM2017, a 2017 reprint of Commuck's Indian Melodies of 1845, the first book of tunes by a Native American Indian composer ever published. A major singing from this book is going to take place at Yale in a few days (Feb. 3 I think) and I wanted to finish the authorities before the singing, hope I make it. Perhaps it should be changed to IndM (or IM) 1845, as the reprint appears to be pretty much unretouched, and certainly contains no new hymn material.

Was Shaping Sanctuary published in 2001? All I was going by was the copyright notice, which is © 2000. So I would have thought SS2000 would be the goal. but now SS2001 doesn't exist either, and "Shaping Sanctuary" has disappeared even from "My Hymnals". This concerns me. It's an important collection.

In a couple of days I will retire and will hopefully have more time to put into this work, and the freedom to finish more readily the things I start.

Looking at the "Currently unavailable" items in "My hymnals", at the moment it looks to me like there's one that certainly shouldn't have that label: Cáliz de Bendiciones (CdB1996), which I just moved to Complete. And there are three that based on your explanation above I doubt should be "unavailable", namely "beyond a dream", "Singing glory", and "Songs for the World".

I corrected these four.

We're making some visible progress!

"Shaping Sanctuary" is SS2000. It may have disappeared from "My Hymnals" because the ID was changed.

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