Searching for items common to two or more hymnals

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Does the search feature support multiple values for the same field? For example, I tried to find tunes common to two hymnals with the search string hymnalID:eh1982 AND hymnalID:hpec1940 in:tunes but got no results. Is there a search string that would support what I'm trying to do?

Apologies if this has been asked before...I couldn't find a way to search the forum.


The search feature does not support multiple values. The best way, currently, for finding tunes common to two hymnals is to open two windows with a hymnal in each window; click on "Tunes" under the Index for the hymnal (upper right) then click on "Switch back to the old search page" under "Search Results" in the upper left to get the list of tunes for the hymnal. If you have a specific tune in mind, you can add the hymnals to your "My Hymnals" list, then search the tune name, with "Instances" as your search result and the "My Hymnal" box checked.

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