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Why? (<< click to see my specific concern)


Please expound on your question.

I put the expounding on the image file, which you will see if you click on the question. Sorry I didn't make that explicit. Now the pie chart shows two tunes, half and half, which is different but still way wrong.

"Almighty Maker God" has only two tunes attached to it. JERSEY was added first. SENECA was added on the 20th. Some changes to the site may take a day to appear. I am not able to explain the long list of tunes; the site may have been momentarily goofy. The index is rebuilt overnight, so it may have been in process when you saw this long list. This is the usual cause of goofy results.

If there are only two tunes attached to the text, then why did clicking on "All tunes published with "Almighty Maker, God"" back before SENECA was added bring up a list consisting of

  • HOPE

I'm accustomed to the "All tunes published with X" link bringing up a list of all the tunes attached to the text and no others. But here it brought up seven tunes that you say are NOT attached to ("published with") the hymn text. Again, this is illustrated in the image file linked at the start of my original post under "Why?" The top half of the image shows the pie chart, the lower half shows what came up when I clicked on "All tunes published..."

There are no longer eight tunes showing under "All tunes published" for "Almighty Maker God." My best guess is that the index was being rebuilt when you accessed this link.

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