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As far as I can tell the database has no hymn texts in Romanian. But what I wonder about is why (and I know it's probably Google, not Hymnary, with the glitch) when I google Romanian -Romania, which as I understand such things ought to bring up all pages at that contain the word "Romanian" but don't contain the word "Romania", two hymns come up among the five hits. (If I search without the -Romania refinement, there are 31 hits, including a few additional hymn texts.) But when the hymn instances themselves are searched for "Romanian", none of them show a hit (except for one where the mention is in a comment about the author's experiences as a missionary teaching local and missionary children).


It looks like Google searches the Notes fields and the Additional Information fields on the Hymnary site, so it is finding hymns where the information on the hymn includes "Romanian" - 2 instances, and without "-Romania" it finds both mentions of both "Romania" and "Romanian." The Hymnary search engine does not search the Additional Information or Notes fields.

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