Multiple text authorities for Alabanza / Al caer la lluvia / As the rain is falling

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I'm working on Mil Voces para Celebrar - Himnario Metodista (MVC) and have run up against a sticky wicket with text authorities on #51 Alabanza (Al caer la lluvia).

The version in MVC is Spanish text only, as authored by Pablo Fernandez Badillo. There are three text authorities for the hymn right now:

- Al caer la lluvia (As the rain is falling), Spanish text with Roberto Escamilla and Elise Eslinger English translation (as_the_rain_is_falling)
- Al Caer la Lluvia (When at Last the Rain Falls), Spanish text with Madeline Marshall English translation (when_at_last_the_rain_falls_our_world)
- Nourished by the rainfall, the earth can come alive, English-only John Bell translation (nourished_by_the_rainfall_the_earth_can_)

Since the MVC version is Spanish text only, should it get its own new text authority? If not, which text authority should the hymn be linked to (obviously not the John Bell one)? The Spanish text in MVC matches when_at_last_the_rain_falls_our_world (the refrain is slightly altered in as_the_rain_is_falling).


The Spanish should have its own text authority id: al_caer_la_lluvia. The translations should have "Al caer la lluvia" in their original language fields in the text authorities which will link them to the original. (I took care of this)

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