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When I try to find texts in Polish, i.e. selecting in the left-sidebar search fields Added field Language and Result type Texts, I get 31 hits, but none, well actually maybe one, of them appears to be in Polish. What I want to be able to do is search for either or both Full Texts in a given language and/or Original Language, but neither of these seems to be accomodated. Am I missing something, or is there a workaround? Polish is just an example. I'm trying to find texts in at least fifty or sixty languages. I get forty hits when I try for Instances instead of Texts, but still nothing actually in Polish.

Just for the record, the 31 Texts are in English (21) and Esperanto (10); a few of them have a second language in parentheses: 1 in Polish, 1 in an unidentified language ("Plegaria Universal", could be Spanish or Portuguese), 4 in Spanish, and 2 in French.


Currently when you search by language, our search includes both the language of the hymn text and the original language. So, right now, the only way to find hymns in Polish would be to look through the results and pick out the Polish first lines. We are working on some revisions to our search program and we hope to add dedicated search options for both original language and for text language.

At least for me, that would be a wonderfully useful refinement.

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