Need organ or piano music for hymn

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Looking for organ or piano music to be able to sing the following hymn in church:
Dark the stain that spoiled man's nature
I love the words but can't find music.


I can listen to the tunes, but the only format that downloads is MIDI, and only to Garage Band. I need to get it into iTunes and on to a CD for tomorrow, and I have looked all over for a way to highlight a file, in this case , "Were You There" piano accompaniment, in order to copy it, purchase it, whatever. I really wish there were somebody to ask.

To download a MIDI, right click on it and select "Save link as..." Here are instructions on how to put it on a CD, which I found from Googling from

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Drag the MIDI file or files that you would like to convert into the iTunes library by selecting the files and dragging them directly to the “library” link on the left hand column of the iTunes window. They will then show up in your music library list, which should be the main window of iTunes.
  3. Select the files that you would like to convert by clicking on them in the main iTuneswindow.
  4. Go to “Advanced” in the pull down menu at the top of the iTunes window. Select “convert selection to AAC”. The program will begin converting the files. If you would prefer a format other than AAC, you may go into the “preferences” menu in iTunes(under the iTunes pull down menu for Macs, and under the Edit pull down menu for PCs), and choose a different format.
  5. Once your files have been converted, you must make a playlist out of them in order to burn them to a disc. Select the files that you would like to burn to a disc, then go to the File pull down menu and choose “New Playlist from Selection”. Title the playlist if you like.
  6. To burn the disc, insert a blank CD into your disc drive and click “Burn disc” on the bottom right hand corner of your iTunes screen. The program will burn a disc for you that should work in most audio CD players.


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