Where'd NAH1960 go?

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I've been gradually adding the hymns in NAH1960, the second (1960) edition of the 1956 North American Hymnal, but today it has disappeared, can't bring it up either from the Search boxes to the left or from My Hymnals. Why!!?? I've put a fair amount of time and energy into this significant index, and do not like the idea of it just disappearing on me/us.


I created NAH1960a and populated it with a spreadsheet I had saved on January 28. It's got the first 200 items by name, but far from all linked or fleshed out. Please don't lose it! ;-) :( :) (It's so refreshing to use a program that doesn't autocreate emotica! ;-) )

Nothing happened to NAH1960. It still exists: https://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/NAH1960

For several days, it wouldn't come up from a left-sidebar Hymnal, Number search, and was missing from my My Hymnals. It comes up now, and I just re-added it to My Hymnals. Now I have to reconcile/combine 1960 and 1960a.

I have noticed this when adding new hymnals. The search field on the left needs a few days to update and to recognize the new hymnal code. So for any new hymnal added, for the first couple of days, you need to manually type the following in the address bar to access it:


where xxxxxxxx is the hymnal code

A better way is to create a bookmark for the hymnal you create, and use this bookmark when you need to work on it, at least for the first few days after creating it.



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