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I recently ran a search command for French language hymn texts, then added the media column to the page of results. It looks like all of the image icons link to the first page of the respective hymnals rather than to instances, whereas the text icons link to an instance. Clicking on the First Line of any result goes to the text authority. This is a strange mixture of approaches that would be very difficult to navigate for an inexperienced user, especially the image icon, which leads to a strange result.

Searching by French + Instances yields more specific results, but notice how the image icon still links to the first page of the hymnal rather than the instance. This seems to be a systemic problem on the website.


The image icons on the search results pages appear to be broken. I have alerted our programmers to get this fixed.

Images and texts are specific to instances, rather than to text authorities, so I suspect that the icons are pointing you to the most current instance. However, first lines in a list of results will take you to the text authority unless you specify that you want a list of instances. We are in the process of rethinking about how search results should appear and what icons make sense.

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