Fix Page Scan Associations

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I am working on Hymnal which has page scans, but was missing almost all data when I started.

Hymns and refer to the illustration on page scan 52. I think each of the two hymns should be associated with scans 52 and 53, but I am not clear on how to do this ("Process this hymnal?)--and don't want to muck it up. What steps should be done to do it correctly?



You should not use "Process this hymnal." The best way is to use "Attach images to this hymnal." At the end of the URL where there is an "i", type in 52, then in the box below the page where it says type hymn numbers, type 53a, 53b, 54 and click the button that says "Other."


I appreciate your detailed instructions so I know understand how to do it next time. The illustration belongs with 54 as you pointed out, and 55 as well. In order to get it to work with four hymn numbers, I had to omit the commas.


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