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I am preparing spreadsheets for a hymnal that gives principal authors and composers' names in ALL CAPS. Should they be submitted that way or presented in standard capitalization?

Thank you.


Authors and Composers names should be presented with standard capitalization, not all caps. Hymn titles should also not be all caps, even if the hymnal has it that way; they should be standard capitalization, or follow the hymnal as best as possible. If there are tune names, they should be all caps, whether or not they are that way in the hymnal. Only the first lines and the texts should have capitalization and punctuation as it is in the hymnal (except for ending punctuation at the end of the first line)

Thanks for the guidance! (All of the rest is in the wiki instructions.) Would it be OK for me to amend the wiki instructions for names according to your first sentence?

Good idea. I went ahead and edited the instructions.

It looks great! Thanks. :)

That's clearer than what I've been working with, and will definitely help me enter data more correctly.

And I've been assuming that periods following hymn titles and tune names can safely be left off.

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