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I changed the ID on this tune from exhortation_hibbard to simple exhortation, because the earliest attribution to Hibbard I can see is the Cyber Hymnal's "1869", yet the melody line is indistinguishable from that published without composer attribution in the 1855 Social Harp (p. 88).


Cyber Hymnal is not always accurate. The tune was first published in "Connecticut Harmony" in 1796 which gives the composer as Hibbard. Tunes should have some kind of qualifier. If the composer is not clear, or if it is needed for clarification, the first five notes of the incipit should be added. Before changing an authority identifier, though, first make sure that the link to the Hymnary tune is not cited on another web site.

First, thanks for putting Hibbard back in. :)

But second, where did you find the Connecticut Harmony instance? It's not here that I can see, at least when I go to exhortation_hibbard, the CTH is not among the six instances listed. Nor do I find the 1796 Connecticut Harmony among the hymnals indexed here.

And thirdly, how do I check whether a link here is or is not cited on another web site?

I see that what is here called REPENTANCE (Southern Harmony) is essentially identical to a tune of the same name in Wyeth's Repository, except that Walker has drpped the alto part. I think it would be very good to have Wyeth's tunes linked here, really surprised nobody has done this. May do that next when I'm done with the Social Harp, which I'm about halfway through. I linked this one, though.

To check to see if a link is cited on another website, do a Google search for the url (between quotation marks). I leave of the http:// part and use the rest of the url as in "www.hymnary.org/tune/exhortation_hibbard."

I found "Connecticut Harmony" in the database "America's Historical Imprints." published by NewsBank. It's a resource my library has subscribed to. I initially did some research on Google to find out that the tune was first published in "Connecticut Harmony"

I am indexing the 1855 Social Harp (actually the 1973 photo reprint) which has a tune called WASHINGTON, but which I have called washington_55432 to distinguish it from the two tunes that are combined in the database as www.hymnary.org/tune/washington. One should be wasington_price, the other washington_munday. What do I do if I find somebody has a link to this tune so-called "authority"? Email them? Let you know here?

May I go ahead and properly separate the conjoined tunes?

If no one has linked to the tune then go ahead and separate the tunes.

But if I do find links, do we allow the hymnary.org's proper format to be held hostage by third parties, or do we give them a little grace period in which to change their links, or what? At times I wish the pages here that change IDs had automatic forwarding the way Wikipedia does, so you would go to the correct page ID and there's be a little note saying "Redirected from wrong page name"; or proper disambiguation pages, again like Wikipedia.

If the link is cited only by a website that seems ti be collecting links, then go ahead and change it. If it is an informative website, then do not change Hymnary's link unless absolutely necessary.

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