Weird screen glitch at "There were twelve disciples"

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I looked up "There were twelve disciples", a song which I had originally communicated to the editor of The Cyber Hymnal™, to see if any other hymnals show it; the answer was no, but I noticed that the link after the Full Text showed it as being from the Calvin Hymnary Project, so I clicked on that link and was taken to a page with some odd confusion going on. Here's a screenshot: CHP error; what are those blue text-authority-names of unrelated hymns doing there?


"There were twelve disciples" was added to The Cyber Hymnal. We've added the hymns from the Cyber Hymnal, including the texts, to Hymnary, except we are not done editing it yet. When a new text authority is set up for a text instance that has the full text, then the full text is also added to the authority and it gets credited to "Calvin Hymnary Project" I'm not sure exactly what the purpose of the Calvin Hymnary Project "Hymnal" is but it appears to contain all the texts in Hymnary. The "numbers" are the text authority id's. If you see a text authority attributed to "Calvin Hymnary Project" just delete the full text from the authority, and all will be well.

My concern/confusion had to do with the blue link texts on the Calvin Hymnary Project page that read "o_god_of_justice_answer_me" and "o_god_who_brought_the_light_to_birth". But now I see the < and > and realize that those are links to the preceding and following texts in the CHP. Like you, I am "not sure exactly what the purpose of the" CHP "Hymnal" is...

So are you saying that in a case like this it is desirable to delete the full text from the authority?

The full texts in the authorities may be deleted, unless they are from a Featured Hymn. Featured Hymns have write ups which include Worship Notes and Bulletin Blurbs.

The Calvin Hymnary Project Hymnal is a pseudo-hymnal used to contain the authorities. Since authorities and instances share much of the same structure, it is easier internally to maintain one database containing both. So authority records are identified by the hymnal ID "CHP". However, this hymnal is not supposed to be exposed directly on the site. There should be no links to CHP hymns, and it shouldn't be possible to view a CHP hymn even if the URL is entered directly (these are bugs).

Brian Vanderwal Software Developer

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