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I've been trying to access the links at the top of a hymn entry page to pdf and midi files, but I keep coming to an error page that says:

Response denied by WatchGuard HTTP Proxy.

Reason: response with content range denied line='Content-Range: bytes 0-50606/50607\x0d\x0a'

Please contact your administrator for assistance.

More Details:

Method: GET

Host: www.hymnary.org

Path: /media/fetch/96100

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?


-- Steven


Which hymn?

All of them. We have exactly the same problem at home. I can't access most of the useful content on Hymnary.org because of this.

It sounds like WatchGuard, which appears to be a corporate firewall, is being too restrictive. The header it is complaining about (Content-Range) is used when a partial file is being downloaded. However, I did modify our code so that this header is not sent when a full file is requested (which is almost always the case), so you may not need to make any changes on your end.

Try the download again. If it still fails, you may need to modify some settings in WatchGuard to make it less restrictive.

Brian Vanderwal
Hymnary.org Software Developer

Thank you. This appears to have solved the problem. I checked again yesterday, and the things that had previously been blocked load just fine now.

I readed your solution above. On my site I have the same problem. Can you tell me what to change and in which file.



Sorry, WatchGuard is a product I'm not really familiar with, but you could try the suggestions here. If you don't have access to WatchGuard directly (e.g. because it's operated by your IT department at work) then you'll need to contact your system administrator.

Brian Vanderwal
Hymnary.org Software Developer

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