Google Ads obscuring data entry fields

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Today, there are some changes in the right sidebar; one of them is very annoying, namely that there are GoogleAds there which obliterate part of the entry fields when I'm trying to input Tune Person info (and probably Text Person info). See this screenshot to see what I mean; part of the Other specify field is covered, and the field for the year of composition is completely invisible. Not sure if you or Google is to blame, but please see if you can undo it. Tĥx!


Can you make your browser window wider?

Not in physical dimensions; it fills the screen. But I could increase the pixels per cm, though I think that would result in painfully tiny fonts and/or having to scroll sideways a lot. No other website that I visit has this problem, so I think it's a issue. I certainly don't want to have to change screen resolution every time I enter or leave this site. It won't keep me from participating in building the database, but it will slow me down and irritate me. And it's something that just started happening yesterday. If it's happening to me, it's probably happening to other users/editors, too.

which may require me to get new glasses sooner than the old one, but at least for today it works, and it makes the date field move far enough left to be usable, though it's still weird-looking and just wrong as you can see here.

I've asked someone on this end to fix the problem, but in the meantime, maybe you can use the altered settings...


but would be happy to be able to go back to slightly larger print.

If you are a webmaster, you could use some user generated ad sizes. Hope it will fix the issue.

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