Let's just Praise the Lord! (Egypt, 1978)

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In our church library I just ran across a roughly 8½"x11" (probably actually more like A4) light green comb-bound hymnal entitled Let's just Praise the Lord!. The 139 songs in it are divided into three sections:

Sing-a-long 1-41
Children's Section 42-72
Praise & Worship 73-139

No publisher per se is indicated, but the reverse of the title page, below the Contents, says "MAADI, Egypt, 1978 — COMMUNITY WORSHIP". The contents are obviously photocopied from a variety of sources, but the appearance is generally more uniform and the presentation more professional than I would have expected from an expat congregation in Egypt. There are so few "standard hymns", and so much material that in 1978 was really quite new, that I wonder if it was produced as a supplement to a standard pew hymnal, and if so which.

Contents of the first section are as follows:

1 They'll know we are Christians by our love [4 vv.]
2 Kum ba yah [5 vv.]
3 He's got the whole world in his hands [5 vv.]
4 Love, love, [love, love, the gospel in a word is love; 3 vv.]
5 Sing hosanna [Give me oil in my lamp; 6 vv.]
6 Amazing grace [5 vv.]
7 Praise him [praise him in the morning; 5 vv.]
8 I'd like to teach the world [a song; 4 vv.]
9 It's a happy day [and I thank God for the weather]
10 Do, Lord [4 vv.]
11 Hallowed be thy name [Calypso Lord's Prayer; 6 vv.]
12 Lord of the dance [5 vv.]
13 I am the resurrection [and the life; 3 vv.]
14 Come and praise the Lord our King [5 vv.]
15 Seek and ye shall find [3 vv.]
16 Here comes Jesus [4 vv.]
17 Joy, joy, joy [I've got the joy...; 4 vv.]
18 This little light of mine [5 vv.]
19 Now let us sing [Sing 'til the pow'r...]
20 Blind man [sat by the way and cried; 3 vv.]
21 Happy the man [who wanders with the Lord]
22 Morning has broken [3 vv.]
23 Have you seen Jesus my Lord? [4 vv.]
24 Happiness is the Lord [Happiness is to know the Savior; Stanphill; 3 vv.]
25 I just keep trusting my Lord [Peterson]
26 Pass it on [It only takes a spark; 3 vv.]
27 I heard the Lord [call my name; 4 vv.]
28 It's a brand new day [Quinlan; 2 vv.]
29 There's a river of life [flowing out through me; 3 vv.]
30 All over the world [the Spirit is moving; 4 vv.]
31 Seek ye first [4 vv.; v. 2 "Consider the lilies of the field"]
32 Thank you [for every new good morning; 6 vv.]
33 Consider the lilies [Goeboro; 4 vv.]
34 The law of the Lord / Psalm 19:7-10, 14 [two tunes; 3 vv. each]
35 Just a closer walk with thee [I am weak, but thou art strong; 3 vv.]
36 He's everything to me [In the stars his handiwork I see; Carmichael]
37 His sheep am I [In God's green pastures feeding]
38 I know where I'm going
39 Can it be true? [the things they say of you; 3 vv.]
40 This world is not my home [3 vv.]
41 Day by day [and with each passing moment; 3 vv.]


Children's Section
42 Come and go with me [to my Father's house; 7 vv.]
43 Jesus loves me [v. 2 Indian-cowboy, v. 3 Eskimo-Filipino-Chinese
44 Silver and gold have I none [Peter and John went to pray]
45 I want to live for Jesus every day [2 vv.]
46 When the road is rough [N. J. Clayton]
47 The Lord is my shepherd [2-part round]
48 By blue Galilee [E. H. Swinstead]
49 I have decided to follow Jesus [3 vv; v. 3 "The cross before me, the world behind me"]
50 For God so loved the world [Townsend / Smith]
51 I am the way, the truth and the life
52 He's able [Paul E. Paine]
53 He's alive! [two versions with slightly differing tunes and slightly differing words]
54 Go tell it on the mountain [non-Christmas version: v. 1 "When I was a seeker", v. 2 "He made me a watchman", v. 3 "Go tell it to your neighbour / In darkness here below / Go with the words of Jesus / That all the world may know"
55 Jesus died for all the children [otherwise identical to the usual "Jesus loves" text]
56 Jesu's love is very wonderful [3 vv.]
57 Wide, wide as the ocean
58 Let's talk about Jesus [H. Buffum, Jr.]
59 Higher than the hills [N. J. Clayton]
60 There's a grand highway [that is free to all]
61 The butterfly song [If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you, Lord; 3 vv.]
62 Joy is the flag [flown high from the castle of my heart; 3 vv.]
63 Thank you, Lord [for this fine day; Diane Davis; 5 vv.]
64 God is so good [4 vv.]
65 Thank you, God [for sending Jesus]
66 Rise and shine [and give God the glory, glory; 1 v. to be sung thrice]
67 John saw the multitude [of the overcomers]
68 Jesus took my burdens [anon.; arr. Pulkingham; 2 vv.]
69 What a wonderful Saviour [is Jesus; arr. The Chehys; 3 vv.]
70 Cleanse me [from my sin, Lord; R. Hudson Pope]
71 Jesus is knocking [patiently waiting; G. Brattle]
72 The wise man and the foolish man [3 vv.; odd (to me) circled numerals in the text]

73 Break thou the bread of life [v. 2 Thou are (sic) the...; v. 3 O send Thy; 3 vv., Groves not credited]
74 Cleanse me [4 vv.; Maori]
75 We worship and adore thee [bowing down...]
76 Turn your eyes upon Jesus [2 vv.; v. 2 Turn your thoughts upon Jesus / Think deep of His wonderful love / And the thoughts of sin and of self and strife / Will be lost in that rapture above.]
77 Set my spirit free [that I may worship Thee...]
78 Spirit of the living God [arr. W G Hathaway]
79 Holy, holy [Jimmy Owens; 5 vv.]
80 Father, we adore you [Coelho; 3 vv.]
81 Let's just praise the Lord [praise the Lord...]
82 With my hands lifted up [and my mouth filled with praise...]
83 From the rising of the sun [to the going down of the same...]
84 The Lord is present in his sanctuary [4 vv.]
85 Come into his presence [singing 'Alleluia'...; 3 vv.]
86 Thou art worthy
87 We see the Lord [We see the Lord and he is]
88 Heavenly Father [I appreciate you; 3 vv.]
89 His name is Wonderful
90 He Is Lord [v. 2 You're my Lord...; 2 vv.]
91 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus [there's just something about that Name...]
92 Sweet Jesus [Sweet Jesus, what a wonder...]
93 Alleluia [Anon., Arr. Betty Pulkingham - i.e. ALLELUIA (Sinclair); 7 vv.]
94 O come, let us adore him [ADESTE FIDELES (Ref.); 4 vv.]
95 Jesus, how lovely you are [Hallelujah, Jesus is my Lord and King...; 4 vv.]
96 In Jesus I have redemption [in Jesus, by His blood...]
97 Thank you, Lord [for saving my soul; Sykes]
98 I'd rather have Jesus [than silver or gold; 3 vv.]
99 Praise the name of Jesus [Hicks]
100 Great is the Lord [and greatly to be praised...]
101 My glory and the lifter [of my head...; McAlister]
102 In the name of Jesus [... we have the victory...]
103 Thy loving kindness [is better than life...]
104 I will sing [of the mercies of the Lord for ever...]
105 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord [Judy Horner]
106 Oh that men would praise the Lord [For He satisfieth the longing and He fills...; 4 vv.]
107 This is the day [L. Garrett, uncredited]
108 Rejoice in the Lord always [and again I say rejoice...]
109 Alleluia No. 1 [Fishel, arr. Pulkingham; 5 vv.]
110 My Beloved is mine [and I am His...; 5 vv.]
111 The joy of the Lord [is my strength...; 5 vv.]
112 They that wait upon the Lord [shall renew their strength...]
113 Our God Reigns [How lovely on the mountains...; Leonard E. Smith, Jr.; 3 vv.]
114 Hallelujah - our God reigns [Dale Garrett]
115 Hymn of Glory [Glory hallelujah (x2) Give thanks to our God...; Charles Christmas; 4 vv.]
116 Freely, freely [Carol Owens; 2 vv.]
117 A new commandment [I give unto you...]
118 Comfort ye [comfort ye, my people Thus saith the Lord; 4 vv.]
119 Come and praise Him [royal priesthood...]
120 Build your church, Lord [For I'm building a people of power...]
121 Bind us together, Lord [bind us together with chord {sic}...; 3 vv.]
122 Fill my house [unto the fullest...; Peter Kearney; 4 vv.]
123 God and man at table are say down [Oh welcome, all ye noble saints of old; Robert Stamps; 5 vv.]
124 Let us break bread together [v. 2 "wine (or the cup)"; 3 vv.]
125 When I survey the wondrous cross [HAMBURG; 4 vv]
126 Jesus is Lord [Creation's voice proclaims it...; 3 v..]
127 He lives [I serve a risen Savior; 3 vv.]
128 How great thou art! ["Translated from the Swedish by Stuart K. Hine"; 4 vv.]
129 Surely goodness and mercy [A pilgrim was I and a-wand'ring...; 3 vv.]
130 To God be the glory [great things he hath done; 3 vv.]
131 At the name of Jesus [CAMBERWELL; 4 vv., either misnumbered or misordered, v. 4 precedes v. 3]
132 Great is thy faithfulness [3 vv.]
133 The Lord's my shepherd [CRIMOND, 5 vv.]
134 Blessed assurance [3 vv.]
135 What a friend we have in Jesus [3 vv.]
136 Heaven came down and glory filled my soul [O what a wonderful...; 3 vv.]
137 The old rugged cross [4 vv.]
138 Doxology [Old 100th]
Doxology [round - Tallis' Canon]
139 Let the words of my mouth [anon.]

Hymnary.org lists The Old Rugged Cross as in the public domain. I question this for two reasons. First, I have a hymnbook that shows  "Copyright 1941 Renewal. Rodeheaver Co., owner.  Second, Bennard died in 1958. 

In the United States, anything published before 1926 is considered public domain. ORC was composed in 1913. The renewal has expired, and in this case, according to the old rules, the age of the author is not applicable.

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