Young Singer's Friend: or, the Lee Avenue collection of hymns and songs, sacred and secular, suitable for Sabbath schools, social circles, children's meetings, concerts, anniversaries, etc.

Editor: Jeremiah Johnson
Publisher: A. S. Barnes & Co., New York, N.Y., 1859
Denomination: Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
Notes: Divided in Parts: Part I (# only) , Doxolgies (d1), Part II (a1), Selections for Chanting (c1), Part III -Secular songs (s1), Rounds (r1).
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a34Tell us of the joys of heavenPage Scan
a35Hear the royal proclamation, the glad tidingsPage Scan
a36Who came from heaven to ransom mePage Scan
a37I lay my sins on JesusPage Scan
a38How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the LordPage Scan
a39Jesus spreads his banner o'er usPage Scan
a40By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
a41The bird that soars on highest wingPage Scan
a42Book of grace, and book of gloryPage Scan
a43Wake, faith, and hope, and lovePage Scan
a44Whene'er we meet, you [we] always sayPage Scan
a45What is the thing of greatest [highest] pricePage Scan
a46Depth of mercy, can there be, Mercy still reserved for me?Page Scan
a47People of the living God! I have sought the worldPage Scan
a48I was a wandering sheepPage Scan
a49Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songPage Scan
a50Come, ye converts, come and welcomePage Scan
a51Farewell, dear friends, I may not stayPage Scan
a52The day has come, the joyful day, At last the day has comePage Scan
a53Come all who would to glory goPage Scan
a54O come, children, come, to the Savior todayPage Scan
a55Hark! a voice! a heavenly voice!Page Scan
a56Come, little soldiers, join in our bandPage Scan
a57Take thy staff, O pilgrim, haste thee on thy wayPage Scan
a58The voice of free grace cries escapePage Scan
a59O turn ye [you], O turn ye [you], for why will ye [you] diePage Scan
a60To-day, if you will hear his voicePage Scan
a61Hark, my soul, it is the LordPage Scan
a62Jesus, this midday hour of prayerPage Scan
a63From busy toil and heavy carePage Scan
a64Ho reapers of life's harvest why stand with rested bladePage Scan
a65Little givers, come and bringPage Scan
a66I may, if I but have a mindPage Scan
a67Little raindrops feed the rillPage Scan
a68Hide not thy talent in the earthPage Scan
a69A grain of corn an infant's handPage Scan
a70Lord, can a simple child like mePage Scan
a71The day of small thingsPage Scan
a72Little builders, build awayPage Scan
a73The master Builder calleth his workmenPage Scan
a74Children hark the Saviors speakingPage Scan
a75Fading, still fading, the last [vesper] beam is shiningPage Scan
a76Softly fades the twilight rayPage Scan
a77Searcher of hearts, from mine erasePage Scan
a78This book is all that's left me nowPage Scan
a79Lord, I believe; Thy power I ownPage Scan
a80Like mist on the mountainPage Scan
a81Ye valiant soldiers of the crossPage Scan
a82Jesus, dear name, how sweet it [the] sound(s)Page Scan
a83O [When] thou my righteous Judge shall [shalt] comePage Scan
a84Eternity is just at handPage Scan
a85What a meeting, what a meeting that will bePage Scan
a86Come to Jesus, come to Jesus, Come to Jesus just nowPage Scan
a87Blest are the humble souls that [who] seePage Scan
a88Children of Zion, what harp notes are stealingPage Scan
a89Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at handPage Scan
a90The Lord into his garden comesPage Scan
a91O what ship is this comes sailing byPage Scan
a92O there is a river whose fresh waters flowPage Scan
a93Come, my brethren, let us tryPage Scan
a94How precious is the name, brethren singPage Scan
a95Whither goest thou, pilgrim strangerPage Scan
a96How happy is the man who has [hath] chosen wisdom's waysPage Scan
a97When faint and weary with the strifePage Scan
a98Kind words can never die, Heaven gave them birthPage Scan
a99O we are happy now, dear motherPage Scan
a100O won't you love my JesusPage Scan
a101What ever lost by givingPage Scan
a102Who is thy neighbor, he whom thouPage Scan
a103When the cry of the fatherless child is heardPage Scan
a104Zion [Sion], the marvelous story be tellingPage Scan
a105Daughter of Zion, awake from thy sadnessPage Scan
a106Let us all, both old and youngPage Scan
a107What means this youthful gatheringPage Scan
a108The Sunday school army has gathered once morePage Scan
a109We meet again in gladnessPage Scan
a110Days and weeks, and months, returningPage Scan
a111Gladly, brothers, gladly Wake the joyous strainPage Scan
a112We love to sing togetherPage Scan
a113Hark, the bells of holy SabbathPage Scan
a114Teachers, tell us why you toilPage Scan
a115All honor to our Sunday SchoolPage Scan
a116She loved her SaviorPage Scan
a117Every day hath toil and trouble, Every heartPage Scan
a118Lord, what offering [offerings] shall we bringPage Scan
a119Lord, may our sympathizing breastsPage Scan
a120Lord, lead the way the [my] [our] Savior wentPage Scan
a121Go, labor on, spend and be spentPage Scan
a122Go, labor on your [thy] hands are weakPage Scan
a123Think gently of the erring onePage Scan
a124Speak gently, it is better farPage Scan
a125Chide mildly the erringPage Scan
a126What were life without some one to cheer usPage Scan
a127Breast the wave ChristianPage Scan
a128Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for mePage Scan
a129Soon, soon and forever our union shall bePage Scan
a130We did not see thee lifted highPage Scan
a131We're bound for the land of the pure and the holyPage Scan
a132We're going home, we've had visions brightPage Scan
a133A little longer here belowPage Scan

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