Sabbath School Bell No. 2: a superior collection of choice tunes, newly arranged and composed, and a large number of excellent hymns written expressly for this work, which are well adapted for...

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1And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the fieldPage Scan
6Holy angels in their flight, Traverse over earth and skyPage Scan
7Who was in the manger laid?Page Scan
8aOn this New Year evening, when our hearts are lightPage Scan
8bNot Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
8cPraise God, from whom all blessings flow!Page Scan
9Rouse thee, child of heaven!Page Scan
10I hear not a footstep, there is not a tonePage Scan
13The flowery field of youth she trodPage Scan
14When light comes o'er the plainPage Scan
16Youthful days when bright and cheerfulPage Scan
17Come to Jesus, Come to JesusPage Scan
18Little travelers, ZionwardPage Scan
20O what will the Sabbath school do for us?Page Scan
21Never forget the Sabbath schoolPage Scan
22There's a light in the window for thee, dear brotherPage Scan
23aShepherds, keeping watch by nightPage Scan
23bBethlehem star, sweet gem of lightPage Scan
24There's a song the angels singPage Scan
25Shall we meet beyond the riverPage Scan
26Jesus, we thy lambs would bePage Scan
27On the banks beyond the streamPage Scan
28They gathered round the crossPage Scan
29aOh! turn not the Sailor away from your doorPage Scan
29bThe Sailor's home is on the wavePage Scan
29cDo good! do good! there's ever a wayPage Scan
30What to me are earth's pleasuresPage Scan
31Father, hear! to thee we raisePage Scan
32Come, O my soul, in joyous laysPage Scan
33aJesus shall reign where'er the sunPage Scan
33bAwake, my tongue, thy tribute bringPage Scan
34In childhood's young and happy hours, I wander free o'er hill and plainPage Scan
35aThe Sunday-school, how dear to me!Page Scan
35bA grain of corn an infant's handPage Scan
36See an angel, flying--flyingPage Scan
37I love the Sabbath School--Heaven of restPage Scan
38Heavenly Father, grant thy blessingPage Scan
39Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
40I'll awake at dawn on the Sabbath dayPage Scan
41How precious the dying of saints to the LordPage Scan
42Speak gently it is better farPage Scan
43The promised morning o'er us breaksPage Scan
45The Sabbath bell so gayly breaksPage Scan
46Be kind to your father--for when thou wert youngPage Scan
48aI'm but a stranger herePage Scan
48bBe kind to thy pastor--for many long yearsPage Scan
49O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is goodPage Scan
51When on earth our dear RedeemerPage Scan
52Mother! sweet mother! though many a dayPage Scan
54The waves are high, the night is darkPage Scan
55Our Pastor we greet, As once more we meetPage Scan
56Christmas bells are ringing, ringingPage Scan
57aSabbath bells are ringing, ringingPage Scan
57bSpring-buds sweet are blooming, bloomingPage Scan
57cWild birds now are singing, singingPage Scan
58Who would not love the Sunday school?Page Scan
59Lord, we thank thee for the blessingsPage Scan
62We are going, going, going To a land where all is lightPage Scan
63In the rosy light of the morning brightPage Scan
64As flows the rapid riverPage Scan
65There, sheltered from the wolves and coldPage Scan
66How radiant now the evening skiesPage Scan
67Say, brothers, will you meet usPage Scan
68Oh, do not wish your darling backPage Scan
69aThe year's last song, and then we part!Page Scan
69bNow we can bid our books farewellPage Scan
70Where'er my little footsteps goPage Scan
71Happy, happy days of childhoodPage Scan
72I offer Thee this heart of minePage Scan
73And I heard the mourner say[And I heard a mourner say]Page Scan
74My soul doth magnify the LordPage Scan
75There is a land mine eye hath seenPage Scan
76Those evening bells, those evening bellsPage Scan
77aThose sacred bells--those sacred bellsPage Scan
77bHow sweet when daylight closesPage Scan
77cBands of Hope are sailing, sailingPage Scan
78Kind shepherd, lead me o'er the plainPage Scan
80Holy angels, sons of gloryPage Scan
82Zion, the marvelous story be tellingPage Scan
84Saviour, breathe an evening blessingPage Scan
86Go to Sunday school--Children do, children doPage Scan
87Some vain children tryPage Scan
88The sun is breaking thro' the mistPage Scan
90There is a hopeful companyPage Scan
92Jesus, Saviour, at thy biddingPage Scan
94O mother, no; your little girl Page Scan
96Blessings--blessings on the childrenPage Scan
98Sabbath day of childhood's yearsPage Scan
100Of all the sweet and holy sounds on God's fair day of restPage Scan
102Come to the Sabbath SchoolPage Scan
104Our glad voices let us raisePage Scan
105Awake, my soul, in joyful laysPage Scan
106Hurrah! hurrah! to the woods we goPage Scan
108We, a band of happy childrenPage Scan
110The dewy, dewy rose of SharonPage Scan
111My mother dear! my mother dear!Page Scan
112Hark! the herald angels singPage Scan
113Strike the cymbal, roll the tymbalTextPage Scan
116Like rivers swift flowing toward the deep oceanPage Scan
118False are the men of high degreePage Scan

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