The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: for the service of song in the house of the Lord

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
257bWhen I can trust my all with GodPage Scan
258aLet every heart rejoice and singORIONPage Scan
259aI heard the voice of love divineELLARDPage Scan
259bLo! the storms of life are breakingNOBLEPage Scan
260aHoly Spirit, Love divine,NORWICHPage Scan
260bBrother hast thou wandered farPage Scan
260cSinners turn, why will ye diePage Scan
260dWhen thy mortal life is fledPage Scan
260eGod of mercy, God of lovePage Scan
261aCould my heart so hard remainLAWTONPage Scan
261bO, these eyes, how dark and blindPage Scan
261cLet me dwell on GolgothaPage Scan
262aMy days are gliding swiftly bySHINING SHOREPage Scan
263aSoon, soon and forever our union shall beLANDERPage Scan
263bStar of peace to wanderers wearyPage Scan
264aMy Jesus, as thou wiltWILTZPage Scan
264bMy sky was once noon brightPage Scan
264cI did thee wrong, my GodPage Scan
265aMy soul doth long for TheeNILLENPage Scan
265bI feel within a wantPage Scan
265cCheer up, desponding soulPage Scan
265dGo up, go up, my heartPage Scan
265eThy way, not mine, O LordNILLENScorePage ScanAudio
266aCalm me, my God, and keep me calmPRESTONPage Scan
266bO that the Lord would guide my waysPage Scan
266cWe praise and bless thee, gracious LordPage Scan
266dI know thy thoughts are peace toward mePage Scan
267aCalm on the bosom of thy GodMEDFIELDPage Scan
267bLord, I believe a rest remainsPage Scan
267cNor eye hath seen nor ear hath heardPage Scan
267dO could our thoughts and wishes flyPage Scan
268aThou, who didst stoop belowNAULPage Scan
269aBlessed night when first that plainKNIGHTPage Scan
269bJesus, sun of righteousnessCAVEPage Scan
270aHow firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPROTUGUESE HYMNPage Scan
270bO eyes that are weary, and hearts that are sorePage Scan
271aThough faint, yet pursuingPage Scan
271bI once was a stranger to grace and to GodPage Scan
272aCome, Holy Spirit, comeTWEEDPage Scan
272bNow is the accepted timePage Scan
272cShall we go on to sinPage Scan
272dA charge to keep I havePage Scan
273aThou art, O Christ, the WayGALENAPage Scan
273bO Lord, thy work revivePage Scan
274aWhen, as returns this solemn dayALMAPage Scan
274bWhere'er, through all his works, we sendPage Scan
274cIn all my vast concerns with theePage Scan
274dGreat God, how infinite art thouPage Scan
275aHow sad our state by nature isWINDSORPage Scan
275bHow helpless guilty nature liesPage Scan
275cAnd are we wretches yet alivePage Scan
276aEternal Spirit, we confessBERRYPage Scan
276bWhy should I murmur or repinePage Scan
276cLord of the Sabbath hear our vowsPage Scan
276dThine earthly Sabbaths, Lord we lovePage Scan
277aMy God, accept my early vowsALL SAINTSPage Scan
277bWho shall ascend thy heavenly placePage Scan
277cO deem not they are blest alonePage Scan
277dAnd dost thou say, ask what thou wiltPage Scan
278aO thou that hearest prayerTYNEPage Scan
278bYe dying sons of menPage Scan
278cA broken heart, O Lord!Page Scan
279aWhere is my Saviour nowORANGEPage Scan
279bFather,my spirit ownsPage Scan
279cThe pangs of death are nearPage Scan
280aBeyond, beyond that boundless seaKIRKDALEPage Scan
280bFather, I know that all my lifePage Scan
280cIn vain we seek for peace with GodPage Scan
281aLet them neglect thy glory, LordBEDFORDPage Scan
281bWhy is my heart so far from theePage Scan
281cWhom have we, Lord, in heaven but theePage Scan
282aWhat are these in bright arrayVENTONPage Scan
282bHigh in yonder realms of lightPage Scan
282cSongs of praise the angels sangPage Scan
283aOft in sorrow, oft in woeWHITEPage Scan
283bFaint not, Christian, though the roadPage Scan
283cSleep not, soldier of the crossPage Scan
284aI close my heavy eyeGLYNPage Scan
284bWill that not joyful beMAMREPage Scan
285aPurer yet and purerSEVERNPage Scan
285bO let him whose sorrowPage Scan
286aDid Christ o'er sinners weepEFFNERPage Scan
286bAh how shall fallen manPage Scan
286cOut of the depths of woePage Scan
286dMy former hopes are fledPage Scan
287aMy God, my prayer attendHOBARTPage Scan
287bAnd shall I sit aloneOLMUTZPage Scan
288aAnother six days' work is doneWAREPage Scan
288bWhy droops my soul, with grief oppressedPage Scan
288cWhat sinners value, I resignPage Scan
288dHow vain is all beneath the skiesPage Scan
289aSweet is the light of Sabbath eveMINTONPage Scan
289bAs when the weary traveler gainsPage Scan
289cFrom every stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
289dHow blest the sacred tie that bindsPage Scan
290aOur God, our help in ages pastBONDPage Scan
290bThou art my hiding place, O LordPage Scan
290cAlas what hourly dangers risePage Scan
291aThat awful day will surely comeWINDSORPage Scan
291bLong have I sat beneath the soundPage Scan

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