Royal Gems: a new and choice collection of Sunday school songs

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3He leads his own! enough to knowPage Scan
4aLet us sing to the Lord most highPage Scan
4bIf my bark be strong, If my anchor surePage Scan
6I've found a Friend; oh, such a Friend!Page Scan
7Of all God's tender promises[Of all God's tender promises]Page Scan
8The bridegroom's steps are nearingPage Scan
9Sweetly sing the story oldenPage Scan
10Rest remaineth, oh, how sweetPage Scan
12The whole wide world for JesusPage Scan
13Alleluia! Alleluia! The battle now is donePage Scan
14Home, happy home on high[Home, happy home on high]Page Scan
15Let us with a gladsome mindPage Scan
16Let us love and sing and wonderPage Scan
17The old, old story, yet I kneelPage Scan
18O my heart is full of joy, for the blessed Jesus loves mePage Scan
19Little knees should lowly bendPage Scan
20When toiling along over desert and plainPage Scan
22Life is coming, Death is goingPage Scan
23Faint thou not, O weary ChristianPage Scan
24We love thee, we love thee dear Jesus, our King[We love thee, we love thee, dear Jesus, our King]Page Scan
25Stoop to me lofty and lowly One[Stoop to me lofty and lowly One]Page Scan
26The Lord is my refuge and strength[The Lord is my refuge and strength]Page Scan
27Stand for the right, O Christian true!Page Scan
28Up! soldiers of Jesus, and arm for the fightPage Scan
29Glory be to Jesus, Who in bitter painsPage Scan
30Take thy staff, O Pilgrim, Haste thou on thy wayPage Scan
31As shadows cast by cloud and sunPage Scan
32Ho! gallant volunteer, Quickly arisePage Scan
33Everlasting praises To the Father be!Page Scan
34Go tell thy griefs to JesusPage Scan
35More love to thee, O GodPage Scan
36Soon shall I rest in JesusPage Scan
37"Come to me," "come to me," Words of peace and gladnessPage Scan
38Bound for a home in the goodly landPage Scan
39There is a land immortalPage Scan
40Lord, we come before thee nowPage Scan
42Oh, to be over yonder, In that bright land of wonderPage Scan
43Leaning on Thee, my Guide and FriendPage Scan
44Oh where shall we follow Thee, Savior belov'd?Page Scan
45We shall sing in sweetest songPage Scan
46How drear is the wilderness wayPage Scan
47Lord in this thy mercy's dayPage Scan
48Blessed angels are around mePage Scan
49Lord, Thy Word abidethPage Scan
50Jesus! the very thought of TheePage Scan
51Jesus by faith be knownPage Scan
52I'll try to prove faithful, dear SaviorPage Scan
54Begin, my soul rejoicingPage Scan
55Approach, ye children of the LordPage Scan
56Sinful and weak am IPage Scan
57He who in Christ believethPage Scan
58Wide ye heav'nly gates unfoldPage Scan
59Have you room for pomp and pleasure?Page Scan
60Raindrops! raindrops! Gently falling from the skyPage Scan
61I know that heav'n lies just beyondPage Scan
62Someone the beautiful city shall seePage Scan
63While thou, O my God, art my help and defenderPage Scan
64All around are kind and lovingPage Scan
66Brother, hast thou wander'd farPage Scan
67Jesus, sweet walking on this earthPage Scan
68Take my life and let it bePage Scan
69When of old the Jewish mothersPage Scan
70Jesus once was a little child, a little child like mePage Scan
71Be of good cheer, O soul!Page Scan
72With songs and honors sounding loudPage Scan
73Go thou in life's fair morningPage Scan
74Wand'rers from God and from mercy we strayPage Scan
75Jesus, thou rest of the wearyPage Scan
76Open the door for the childrenPage Scan
77I gave my life for theePage Scan
78Jesus died the world to savePage Scan
79Hark! hark! my soul, angelic songs are swellingPage Scan
80Pearly portals swinging openPage Scan
81Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Oh, let the joyful soundsPage Scan
82Children let us join and singPage Scan
83Teachers, who with longing eyePage Scan
84Go to Jesus with thy sorrowsPage Scan
85What sound is this thro' heav'n resounding!Page Scan
86Christ hath arisen! Death is no more!Page Scan
87Come, learn of the way to the SaviorPage Scan
88In the shadow of the RockPage Scan
89Voices of angels, floating in the airPage Scan
90Sad and weary with my longingPage Scan
91One sweet flow'r has droop'd and fadedPage Scan
92In mansions bright the glorified beholdPage Scan
93Sabbath holy! To the lowlyPage Scan
94Open thou mine eyes, O LordPage Scan
95Savior, thy dying love, Thou gavest mePage Scan
96"I always go to Jesus"Page Scan
97O sinner, lift the eye of faithPage Scan
98O Jesus! friend unfailingPage Scan
99The day is past and overPage Scan
100When they go silently Out from embracesPage Scan
101We know thou God art always nearPage Scan
102Will you meet us by the riverPage Scan
103Another hand is beckoning usPage Scan
104Suffer little children to come unto mePage Scan
105Father, purify my heartPage Scan
106O blessed the day That calleth awayPage Scan
107Jesus, Savior, son of GodPage Scan

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