The Parish School Hymnal

Publisher: The Board of Publication of the United Lutheran Church in America, Philadelphia, Penn., 1926
Denomination: Lutheran hymnals (general)
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
290Lead on, O King EternalLANCASHIREPage Scan
291The Son of God goes forth to warALL SAINTS NEWPage Scan
292Forward! be our watchwordST. BOTOLPHPage Scan
293Onward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDEPage Scan
294O Christians! leagued togetherLUTHER LEAGUE HYMNPage Scan
295Soldiers of Christ, to arms, and take your stand!NATIONAL HYMNPage Scan
296Christian, dost thou see themST. ANDREW OF CRETEPage Scan
297The Lord my pasture shall prepareST. CATHERINEPage Scan
298One there is above all othersAMEN, JESUS HAN SKAL RAADEPage Scan
299Nearer, my God, to TheeBETHANYPage Scan
300Jesus, I my cross have takenFALFIELDPage Scan
301In the hour of trialPENITENCEPage Scan
302My Jesus, as Thou wilt!RESIGNATIONPage Scan
303If God Himself be for meHOLY CHURCHPage Scan
304He leadeth me: O, blessed thought!HE LEADETH MEPage Scan
305When peace, like a river, attendeth my way[When peace, like a river, attendeth my way]Page Scan
306O happy home, where Thou art loved the dearestWINDSORPage Scan
307Sleep, baby, sleep! Thy mother watch doth keepSCHLAF, KINDLEIN, SCHLAFPage Scan
308Open now thy gates of beautyNEANDERPage Scan
309God Himself is presentARNSBERGPage Scan
310Father, again in Jesus' Name we meetLANGRANPage Scan
311To Thy temple I repairPLEYEL'S HYMNPage Scan
312God of Mercy, God of GraceHEATHLANDSPage Scan
313Behold us, Lord, a little spaceBEATITUDOPage Scan
314Lord Jesus Christ, be present nowHERR JESU CHRIST, DICH ZU UNS WENDPage Scan
315Blessed Jesus, at Thy wordLIEBSTER JESU, WIR SIND HIERPage Scan
316Rejoice ye pure in heart!MARIONPage Scan
317Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingSICILIAN MARINERS' HYMNPage Scan
318Abide with us, our SaviourCHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBENPage Scan
319May the grace of Christ our SaviourSTUTTGARTPage Scan
320Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we raiseELLERSPage Scan
321On our way rejoicingHERMASPage Scan
322God be with you till we meet againDEUS VOBISCUMPage Scan
323Safely through another weekSABBATHPage Scan
324This day the light of heavenly birthLUFFENHAMPage Scan
325O day of rest and gladnessDAY OF RESTPage Scan
326This is the day of lightDOMINICAPage Scan
327Sweet is the work, my God, my KingTRUROPage Scan
328When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
329Come, my soul, thou must be wakingHAYDNPage Scan
330Christ, Whose glory fills the skiesGOUNODPage Scan
331O Father, hear my morning prayerEVERSLEYPage Scan
332Every morning mercies newKELSOPage Scan
333Awake, my soul, and with the sunMORNING HYMNPage Scan
334God, Who madest earth and heavenGOTT DES HIMMELSPage Scan
335Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I goCANONBURYPage Scan
336Evening and morning, sunset and dawningDIE GÜLDNE SONNEPage Scan
337Now the light has gone awayMÜDE BIN ICH, GEH ZUR RUHPage Scan
338The daylight fadesEVENINGPage Scan
339Glory to Thee, my God, this nightTALLIS' CANONPage Scan
340Now the day is overMERRIALPage Scan
341Saviour, breathe an evening blessingEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
342O Light, O Trinity most blest!GRACE CHURCHPage Scan
343Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
344The day is past and overST. ANATOLIUSPage Scan
345God, that madest earth and heavenCHORAL EVENING HYMNPage Scan
346Abide with me; fast falls the eventideEVENTIDEPage Scan
347The day Thou gavest, Lord, is endedST. CLEMENTPage Scan
348Day is dying in the westCHATAUQUAPage Scan
349Great God! we sing Thy mighty HandDUKE STREETPage Scan
350For Thy mercy and Thy graceCULBACHPage Scan
351Another year is dawningAURELIAPage Scan
352Our God, our help in ages pastST. ANNEPage Scan
353We plough the fields and scatterWIR PFLÜGEN UND WIR STREUENPage Scan
354Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S WINDSORPage Scan
355Praise to God and thanks we bringCULFORDPage Scan
356For all Thy love and goodness, so bountiful and freeSPRINGTIMEPage Scan
357Summer suns are glowingRUTHPage Scan
358The year is swiftly waningST. ALPHEGEPage Scan
359See the leaves around us fallingSTUTTGARTPage Scan
360Winter reigneth o'er the landCLARENCEPage Scan
361My country, 'tis of theeAMERICAPage Scan
362God bless our native landAMERICAPage Scan
363God of our fathers, Whose almighty handNATIONAL HYMNPage Scan
364From ocean unto oceanWEBBPage Scan
365O beautiful for spacious skiesAMERICA, THE BEAUTIFULPage Scan
366Before the Lord we bowDARWALL'S 148THPage Scan
367God the All-merciful! earth hath forsakenRUSSIAN HYMNPage Scan
368O Lord, our God, Thy mighty handPRESBYTERPage Scan
369The ocean hath no dangerST. CHRISTOPHERPage Scan
370Eternal Father! strong to saveMELITAPage Scan
371Almighty Father, God of loveSAXBYPage Scan

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