The Psalms and Hymns, with the Catechism, Confession of Faith, and Liturgy, of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America

Publisher: G. W. Mentz & Son, Philadelphia, 1839
Editor: John H. Livingston, D.D. S.T.P.
Denomination: Reformed Dutch Church in North America
Language: English
Notes: Psalms (P), Hymns, Additional Hymns (A), and Doxologies (D) are numbered separately.
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19bJesus, we sing thy matchless gracePage Scan
19cNow to the Lord, that [who] makes [made] us knowPage Scan
19dDay of judgment, day of wondersPage Scan
19eLo he cometh countless trumpetsPage Scan
20aEternal Spirit, we confessPage Scan
20bDear Lord, and shall thy Spirit rest in such [this] a wretched heart as minePage Scan
20cCome, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powersPage Scan
21aShout! for the blessed Jesus reignsPage Scan
21bBehold the potter molds the clayPage Scan
21cBlest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian lovePage Scan
21dLet party names no morePage Scan
21eForgiveness, 'tis [what] a joyful soundPage Scan
21gLord, at thy feet a [we] sinner [sinners] lie [lies]Page Scan
22aBlest Jesus, source of every gracePage Scan
22bHow long shall death, the tyrant, reignPage Scan
22cAmazing grace, how sweet the sound, That savedPage Scan
22dWhat have I in this barren landPage Scan
22eHow happy are the souls above, From sinPage Scan
23aLord, thy imputed righteousnessPage Scan
23b'Twixt Jesus and the chosen racePage Scan
23cSavior divine, we know Thy namePage Scan
23dJoin all who love the Savior's namePage Scan
23eBy faith in Christ we're justifiedPage Scan
24aNo more, my God, I boast no more, Of all the duties I have donePage Scan
24bSelf righteous souls on works relyPage Scan
25My Savior God, my sovereign PrincePage Scan
26a'Twas the commission of our [the] LordPage Scan
26bAttend, ye children of your [our] GodPage Scan
27aThe sacraments are holy signsPage Scan
27bThus saith the mercy [promise] of the LordPage Scan
27cThus did the sons of Abraham passPage Scan
27dThe Savior, with inviting voicePage Scan
27eBehold what condescending lovePage Scan
28a'Twas on that [a] dark, that [and] doleful [awful] [dreary] night [day]Page Scan
28bTo Jesus our exalted Lord, dear [that] [the] name by heaven and earth adoredPage Scan
29Jesus invites his saintsPage Scan
30aJesus, in thee our eyes beholdPage Scan
30bA good High-Priest is [has] comePage Scan
30cHow sweet and awful [holy] [sacred] is the placePage Scan
31aWith what delight I raise my eyesPage Scan
31bFather of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
31cGo preach my gospel, saith the [my] LordPage Scan
31dWhat shall the dying sinner doPage Scan
31eSinner [sinners], the voice of God regardPage Scan
31fBlow ye [you] the trumpet, blowPage Scan
32aHow can I sink with such a propPage Scan
32bSo let our lips and lifes expressPage Scan
32cHow vast the benefits divine, which wePage Scan
32dThou lovely Source of true delightPage Scan
33aNot the malicious or [nor] [and] profanePage Scan
33bShall we go on to sinPage Scan
33cLord, we adore thy matchless waysPage Scan
33dLet me but hear my [the] Savior sayPage Scan
34aThat God, who made the world on highPage Scan
34bEternal God, Almighty CausePage Scan
35aThou art, O God, a Spirit purePage Scan
35bCan creatures to perfection findPage Scan
36Holy and reverend is the namePage Scan
37aWhen God his gracious promise madePage Scan
37bLet those who bear the Christian namePage Scan
38aReturn, my soul, enjoy thy restPage Scan
38bCome dearest Lord, and feed thy sheepPage Scan
38cThine earthly Sabbath [Sabbaths], Lord we lovePage Scan
39aGreat Source of order, Maker wisePage Scan
39bEternal Sovereign of the sky, and LordPage Scan
39cThough parents may in covenant bePage Scan
40aClamor and wrath and war be gone [begone]Page Scan
40bDare we indulge to [our] wrath and strifePage Scan
40cHow sweet, how [and] heavenly is the sightPage Scan
41aSacred wedlock law of heavenPage Scan
41bMost holy God, thy precept's kistPage Scan
42aGreat God, thy holy law commandsPage Scan
42bWhat does the worldling gainPage Scan
43aReligion is the chief concernPage Scan
43bAm I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
44aWhate'er thy lot on earth may bePage Scan
44bGrace has enabled me to lovePage Scan
44cO Lord, my soul convicted standsPage Scan
45aWhere is my [our] God, does he retirePage Scan
45bThe Lord, who truly knows the heartPage Scan
45cWhat various hindrances we meetPage Scan
45dOur Father, throned in heaven, divinePage Scan
46aSovereign of all the worlds on highPage Scan
46bDescend from heav'n, immortal DovePage Scan
46cCome shout aloud the Father's gracePage Scan
47aAmong the princes, earthly godsPage Scan
47bEternal Power, whose high abodePage Scan
48aAscend thy throne, almighty KingPage Scan
48bBright as [is] the sun's meridian blazePage Scan
48cFather of faithful Abra'm hearPage Scan
48dLook up ye saints with sweet surprisePage Scan
49aThou reignest, O Lord, thy throne is highPage Scan
49bThrough all the downward tracts [tracks] of timePage Scan
49cIt is the Lord--enthron'd in lightPage Scan
50aMost gracious Father, God of allPage Scan
50bThrough all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scenePage Scan
51Lord, at thy feet I prostrate fallPage Scan
52aThus far my God hath [has] led me onPage Scan
52bTeach us, O Lord, aright to pleadPage Scan
52cRejoice, believer [believers], in the LordPage Scan

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