A New Selection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: from the best authors; designed for the use of conference meetings, private circles, and congregations (21st ed. with an appendix)

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301Ye saints of every rank, with joyPage Scan
302In God's own house pronounce his praisePage Scan
303I asked the Lord that I might growPage Scan
304How did my heart rejoice to hearPage Scan
305Great God, attend, while Zion sings [children sing] [here we sing]Page Scan
306Soon as I heard my Father sayPage Scan
307What shall I render to my God for all his kindness shownPage Scan
308Blest is the man who [that] shuns the placePage Scan
309My soul, how lovely is the place to which thy GodPage Scan
310O [Our] God, our help in ages [seasons] pastPage Scan
311Great is the Lord, his works [acts] of mightPage Scan
312How strong thine arm is, mighty GodPage Scan
313Away from every mortal carePage Scan
314Thus saith [speaks] the high and lofty OnePage Scan
315Thus saith the wisdom of the LordPage Scan
316Thy favors, Lord, surprise our soulsPage Scan
317How vain are all things here belowPage Scan
318No, I shall envy them no morePage Scan
319I'll bless the Lord from day to dayPage Scan
320How charming is the placePage Scan
321How pleasant, how [and] divinely fairPage Scan
322Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending highPage Scan
323Behold the morning sunPage Scan
324Early, my God, without delayPage Scan
325Welcome, sweet day of restPage Scan
326Sweet is the work, my [O] [our] God, [and] [my] [our] KingPage Scan
327This is the day the Lord hath [has] made, He callsPage Scan
328Lo what a glorious corner stone [cornerstone]Page Scan
329Exalt the Lord of GodPage Scan
330Come dearest Lord, and feed thy sheepPage Scan
331Awake my heart, my soul arisePage Scan
332Another six days' work is donePage Scan
333When, O dear Jesus, when shall I [we]Page Scan
334Frequent the [this] day of [O] God returnsPage Scan
335Come, let us join with one accordPage Scan
336Come, ye that fear [love] the Lord, and listen while I tellPage Scan
337Come in, thou [ye] blessed of the Lord [our God]Page Scan
338Go on ye [you] Pilgrims, while [here] belowPage Scan
339Dear friends, as you have ownedPage Scan
340Now we are met in holy fear to hear the happy saintsPage Scan
341First have these lovers of the WordPage Scan
342O how sweet it is to mePage Scan
343Welcome, thou well beloved of GodPage Scan
344Renewed by grace, we love the wordPage Scan
345Whene'er a sinner turns to GodPage Scan
346Lord bless Thy saints assembled herePage Scan
347Lord, we adore thy sovereign gracePage Scan
348O with what pleasure we beholdPage Scan
349Dear Savior, we rejoice to hear poor [when] sinners sweetly [humbly] tellPage Scan
350Come, tell us your troublesPage Scan
351Lord, in thy presence here we meetPage Scan
352In all my Lord's appointed waysPage Scan
353Come all ye sons of God and viewPage Scan
354How great, how solemn is the workPage Scan
355Come saints and sinners, now beholdPage Scan
356Repent and be baptized, Saith your redeeming LordPage Scan
357Dear Lord, and will [has] thy pardoning lovePage Scan
358O glorious God of grace, Look from thy radiant thronePage Scan
359Come ye redeemed of the Lord, come and obeyPage Scan
360Proclaim, saith Christ, my wondrous gracePage Scan
361Christians, if your [our] hearts be [are] warmPage Scan
362Jesus, and shall it ever bePage Scan
363Thus was the great Redeemer plungedPage Scan
364Humble souls, who [that] seek salvationPage Scan
365The great Redeemer we adorePage Scan
366Go teach the [all] nations and baptizePage Scan
367Whate'er to thee, our Lord, belongsPage Scan
368Do we not know that solemn wordPage Scan
369See how the willing converts tracePage Scan
370Hosanna to our Savior, GodPage Scan
371Great God, we in thy courts appearPage Scan
372Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shamePage Scan
373Buried in Jordan was our LordPage Scan
374When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]Page Scan
375Deep in the dust before thy thronePage Scan
376Firm as the earth thy [the] gospel standsPage Scan
377My God, permit my tongue this joy, to call thee minePage Scan
378Compared with Christ, in all beside No comeliness I seePage Scan
379Now to the Lord, that [who] makes [made] us knowPage Scan
380The king of heaven his table spreadsPage Scan
381Lord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy gracePage Scan
382Here at thy table, Lord, we meet to feedPage Scan
383Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feastPage Scan
384Father, we wait to feel thy gracePage Scan
385Sitting around our Father's [the Savior's] boardPage Scan
386'Twas on that [a] dark, that [and] doleful [awful] [dreary] night [day]Page Scan
387How sweet and awful [holy] [sacred] is the placePage Scan
388When I survey the wondrous crossPage Scan
389Jesus is gone above the skies [sky]Page Scan
390How condescending, and how kindPage Scan
391See, gracious God [Lord], before thy thronePage Scan
392Let Zion's watchman all awakePage Scan
393Before Thy throne, eternal KingPage Scan
394Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
395In vain men talk of living faithPage Scan
396How happy is the Christian's state [mind]Page Scan
397And can my heart aspire so highPage Scan
398My rising soul, with strong desiresPage Scan
399By faith in Christ I walk with GodPage Scan
400This wretched heart will still backslidePage Scan

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