A New Selection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: from the best authors; designed for the use of conference meetings, private circles, and congregations (21st ed. with an appendix)

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1Great God, how infinite art thouPage Scan
2In all my [our] vast concerns with theePage Scan
3Bless, O my [each] soul, the living GodPage Scan
4Oh! bless the Lord, my soulPage Scan
5Wait, O my soul, thy [the] Maker's willPage Scan
6In grateful songs we will recordPage Scan
7God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
8Let others boast how strong they be [are]Page Scan
9Now in a song of grateful praise [love]Page Scan
10Lord, we are vile, conceived in sinPage Scan
11Adam our father and our headPage Scan
12I hate the tempter and his charmsPage Scan
13Broad is the road [stream] that leads to death [wrath]Page Scan
14Lord, how secure my conscience was [lay]Page Scan
15God, who in various methods toldPage Scan
16Laden with guilt, and full of fearsPage Scan
17The law commands, and makes us knowPage Scan
18The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, in every starPage Scan
19How precious is the book divinePage Scan
20I love the sacred book of GodPage Scan
21Holy Bible! book divine!Page Scan
22Father of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
23And art thou with us, gracious LordPage Scan
24Ye little flock, whom Jesus feedsPage Scan
25Preserve me Lord in time of needPage Scan
26Precious Bible, what a treasurePage Scan
27Lord, I have made thy word my choicePage Scan
28Here, Lord, my soul convicted standsPage Scan
29Blest are the souls that [who] hear and knowPage Scan
30Christ and his [the] cross is [are] all our [my] themePage Scan
31What shall the dying sinner doPage Scan
32This is the word of truth and lovePage Scan
33How beauteous are their [his] feetPage Scan
34Thus God the eternal [Father] spakePage Scan
35The Lord descending from abovePage Scan
36When Peter through the tedious nightPage Scan
37'Twas Jesus' last and great commandPage Scan
38And is the gospel peace and lovePage Scan
39Jesus, we bless thy Father's namePage Scan
40But few among the carnal wisePage Scan
41Jesus, the man of constant griefPage Scan
42Our God how firm his promise standsPage Scan
43How oft have [hath] sin and Satan [nature] strove [striven]Page Scan
44Jesus, with all thy saints abovePage Scan
45Arise, my soul, my joyful powersPage Scan
46Dearest of all the names above, My Jesus and my GodPage Scan
47Not all the outward forms on earth, Nor rites that God hath givenPage Scan
48Strait [straight] is the way [gate], the door is strait [straight]Page Scan
49Vain are the hopes the [that] sons of menPage Scan
50Who shall the Lord's elect condemnPage Scan
51As on the cross the Savior hungPage Scan
52Christ is the way to heavenly blissPage Scan
53Sons we are, through God's electionPage Scan
54Grace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] soundPage Scan
55Why should the saints be filled with dreadPage Scan
56Jesus, great Shepherd of the [thy] sheepPage Scan
57Rejoice, believer [believers], in the LordPage Scan
58Who is the trembling sinner, whoPage Scan
59No more, my God, I boast no more, Of all the duties I have donePage Scan
60Awake my heart, arise my tonguePage Scan
61From deep distress and troubled thoughtsPage Scan
62O blessed souls are theyPage Scan
63My Savior, my almighty FriendPage Scan
64Blest is the man, for ever blestPage Scan
65Forgiveness, 'tis [what] a joyful soundPage Scan
66And may I hope that when no morePage Scan
67Lord, we adore thy matchless waysPage Scan
68Behold what wondrous gracePage Scan
69Sovereign of all the worlds on highPage Scan
70The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well suppliedPage Scan
71My God, my portion, and my love, my everlasting all.Page Scan
72My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I callPage Scan
73God, my supporter and my hopePage Scan
74Far from my [our] thoughts, vain world, be gonePage Scan
75Lord, what a heaven of savingPage Scan
76So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
77Lord, thou hast made me know thy waysPage Scan
78Thou, Lord, through every changing scenePage Scan
79O that the Lord would guide my [our] waysPage Scan
80Buried in [the] shadows of the nightPage Scan
81How sad our state [fate] by nature isPage Scan
82The soul [souls] that would to Jesus pressPage Scan
83Attend, my soul, and search, and seePage Scan
84Every moment brings me nearerPage Scan
85In the floods of tribulationPage Scan
86Now to the Lord a noble [joyful] songPage Scan
87Behold the woman's promised seedPage Scan
88Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] comePage Scan
89Go, worship at Emmanuel's feetPage Scan
90Come, let us join our cheerful songs With angels round the thronePage Scan
91Plunged in a [the] gulf of dark [deep] despairPage Scan
92Mistaken souls, that [who] dream of heavenPage Scan
93Like sheep we went astrayPage Scan
94Long as I live I'll bless thy namePage Scan
95Come, happy souls, approach your GodPage Scan
96Deep in our heart let us recordPage Scan
97Blest be the everlasting [eternal] GodPage Scan
98In one harmonious cheerful songPage Scan
99Our Lord is risen from the dead, Our Jesus [Savior] is gonePage Scan
100Ye servant [servants] of the Lord, Each in his [your] office waitsPage Scan

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