The New Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs, ancient and modern for use in Baptist churches

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
791Laboring and heavy laden, Wanting helpGEMPage Scan
792Praise the Saviour, ye who know himPRAISEPage Scan
793Saints in glory we togetherPage Scan
794We would see Jesus, for the shadows lengthenRAYNOLDSPage Scan
795We are the Lord's, His all sufficient meritPage Scan
796Still, still with thee, when purple morning breakethPSYCHEPage Scan
797Though sorrows rise, and dangers rollKLEINPage Scan
798Jesus, the very thought is sweetPage Scan
799Fountain of grace, rich, full, and freePARK STREETPage Scan
800When sins and fears prevailing risePage Scan
801My soul complete in Jesus standsPage Scan
802Let me but hear my Saviour sayPage Scan
803The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not wantLA MIRAPage Scan
804O Jesus, King most wonderfulPage Scan
805Jesus, who on his glorious throneEBENPage Scan
806Jesus, these eyes have never seenST. AGNESPage Scan
807O blessed Saviour, is thy lovePage Scan
808My God, the spring of all my joysPage Scan
809Oh, for a heart to praise my GodPage Scan
810I've found the pearl of greatest priceSABBATAPage Scan
811Do not I love thee, O my Lord?Page Scan
812My Saviour, my almighty FriendST. PETERPage Scan
813Jesus, I love thy charming nameHOLY CROSSPage Scan
814How sweet the name of Jesus soundsHEBERPage Scan
815Jesus, the very thought of theePage Scan
816Thou lovely Source of true delightWARRENPage Scan
817O Jesus Christ, grow thou in mePage Scan
818O Jesus, when I think of thee, thy mangerPage Scan
819Jesus and didst thou leave the skyGOULDPage Scan
820Blest Jesus, when my soaring thoughtsPage Scan
821Saviour, hear us, we pray, keep us safeCORTADAPage Scan
822My faith looks up to theeOLIVETPage Scan
823Jesus, thy name I loveLYTEPage Scan
824Come, Jesus, Redeemer, abide thou with meMAGILLPage Scan
825For what shall I praise theePage Scan
826In heavenly love abidingHOLY CHURCHPage Scan
827To thee, O dear, dear SaviourPage Scan
828I know no life dividedSPITTAPage Scan
829O One with God the FatherPage Scan
830I could not do without theeLINDENPage Scan
831O Jesus, ever presentPage Scan
832Master, speak, thy servant hearethGRANGEPage Scan
833Jesus only, in the shadowPage Scan
834Yes, he knows the way is drearyPage Scan
835Dear Lord and Master mine!CARLISLEPage Scan
836My spirit on Thy carePage Scan
837My God, my life, my love, to theePage Scan
838Since Jesus is my friendGREENWOODPage Scan
839Not with our mortal eyes have we beheld the LordPage Scan
840The Lord my Shepherd isSEIRPage Scan
841Jesus, name all names aboveCASTELLOPage Scan
842Jesus, crowned with thornsPage Scan
843I will sing for Jesus, With his bloodSING FOR JESUSPage Scan
844The King of love my shepherd isDOMINUS REGITPage Scan
845O blessed life, the heart at restDIMANPage Scan
846Fight the good fight with all thy mightPage Scan
847Grant us thy light, that we may knowPage Scan
848O Lord, how full of sweet contentGUYONPage Scan
849'Tis by the faith of joys to comeDUKE STREETPage Scan
850So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
851Walk in the light, so shalt thou knowVIA LUCISPage Scan
852O gift of gifts! O grace of faith!VALENIAPage Scan
853Lord, when I all things would possessPage Scan
854Calm me, my God, and keep me calmELLSWORTHPage Scan
855Faith adds new charms to earthly blissPage Scan
856Lord, I believe; Thy power I ownCHESTERFIELDPage Scan
857O wherefore Lord doth thy dear praiseFISHERPage Scan
858I think of thee, my God, by nightPage Scan
859Thy home is with the humble, LordNOX PRAECESSITPage Scan
860Is there ambition in my heartPage Scan
861I love thee, O my God, but notHARVILLEPage Scan
862My Father, it is good for meBARBYPage Scan
863Blest are the pure in heartCARYPage Scan
864Jesus, I live to theePage Scan
865If, through unruffled seasSELVINPage Scan
866My soul, repeat His praiseSWAINSTHORPEPage Scan
867Lord Jesus, think on mePage Scan
868Help me, my God, to speakTRUTHPage Scan
869Rejoice, ye pure in heartGILDASPage Scan
870Mine eyes and my desireELATIONPage Scan
871Rejoice in God alwayPage Scan
872Oh, bless the Lord, my soul!GRATIAPage Scan
873I bless the Christ of God, I rest on love divinePage Scan
874Blessed are the sons of GodROSEFIELDPage Scan
875Though I speak with angel tonguesPage Scan
876Shepherd, who thy tenderest loveGUIDEPage Scan
877Quiet Lord my froward heartREPOSEPage Scan
878For the beauty of the earthPage Scan
879Saviour, happy would I bePage Scan
880Like the eagle, upward, onwardWIMBORNEPage Scan
881Pilgrims in this vale of sorrowPage Scan
882Vainly through night's weary hoursPage Scan
883Father, hear the prayer we offerPage Scan
884Blessed angels, high in heavenWILSONPage Scan
885Onward, Christian, though the regionWESTMINSTERPage Scan
886Lord of glory! Thou hast bought usPage Scan
887Blest are the humble souls that seeQUEBECPage Scan
888Lord, how secure and blest are theyWARRINGTONPage Scan
889Complete in thee, no work of mineWAREPage Scan
890Beneath thy wing, O God, I restBLACKBURNPage Scan

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