Notes of Joy, for the Sabbath School

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d101O let us be joyful together
d102O praise the Lord, let all rejoice
d103O sing to the Lord and give thanks to His name
d104O we are all engaged in the great
d105O we're a tough and joyous band
d106Once more before we part, O [we'll] bless the Savior's [Redeemer's] name
d107One by one we are crossing the river
d108One word for Jesus I would speak
d109Onward for the glorious prize
d110Our heavenly Father, hear
d111Perishing splendors pass away
d112Praise the Lord, all ye people, O lift up your voice
d113Press on press on a glorious throng
d114Raise your hands if they are clean
d115Ringing, sweetly ringing, the cheerful Sabbath bells
d116Savior, Thou my portion art
d117See the shining dewdrops
d118Servant of God, a welcome hand
d119Shall we gather at [by] the river, Where bright angel feet have trod
d120Shout, shout, shout, ring his praises out
d121Sing, sing, sing of the wonders of Jesus' love
d122Singing, singing, ever singing
d123Slight no more the call of mercy
d124Soon and forever the breaking of day
d125Stand fast in the cause of our Master
d126Strike, strike your bright harps
d127Swift the days are onward flying
d128Tell me the old, old story of unseen things above
d129Thanks to God for every blessing
d130The good and the kind
d131The Lord is my Shepherd, How happy am I
d132The pleasures of the angel band
d133The waters that most refresh the soul
d134There is a charm for sadness
d135There is a Friend we ought to love
d136There is a holy city, A happy world above
d137There's a beautiful place where my fondest hopes are stayed
d138There's a Friend above all others, O how he loves
d139There's a gentle voice within calls away
d140These are the crowns that we shall wear
d141This is not my [a] place of resting
d142This temple, Lord, our Sabbath home
d143Three little forms in the twilight gray
d144Through the love of God [Christ] [Jesus] our Father [Savior]
d145Time is earnest, passing by
d146'Tis the Savior who would claim entrance to your heart
d147Today if ye [you] will hear his voice
d148Vale of the beautiful
d149Watch ye saints with eyelids waking
d150We are children, happy children
d151We are coming, we are coming
d152We are lambs of the flock
d153We dwell this side of Jordan's stream
d154We gather in this dear retreat
d155We shall meet beyond the river, bye and bye
d156We're climbing the mountain of blessing
d157What have I done to show my love
d158When I can read my title clear
d159When I think of Jesus' love, Jesus, blessed Jesus
d160When pleading at the Savior's feet
d161When shall the voice of singing flow
d162Why stand ye here, the Master said
d163Why stand ye idle all the day
d164Will you love Jesus today
d165Work for time is flying
d166Worship saith God no gods but me
d167Yes, for me, for me He careth
d168Yes, we bid you welcome here
d169Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin

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