The Irish Presbyterian Hymbook

Publisher: Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2004
Denomination: Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
P97bGod reigneth, let the earth be gladSTOCKTONTextPage Scan
P98aO sing a new song to the LordCREDITONTextPage Scan
P98bO sing a new song to the LordST MAGNUS (NOTTINGHAM)TextPage Scan
P98cSing a new song to JehovahSTUTTGARTTextPage Scan
P99Jehovah is enthroned as kingRAVENSBURGTextPage Scan
P100aAll people that on earth do dwellOLD 100TH (1st form)TextPage Scan
P100bAll people that on earth do dwellOLD 100TH (2nd form)TextPage Scan
P100cO all ye lands, unto the LordGLASGOWTextPage Scan
P101I mercy will and judgment singLIVERPOOLTextPage Scan
P102aO Lord, unto my prayer give earBURFORDTextPage Scan
P102bThou shalt arise and mercy haveFELIXTextPage Scan
P102cMy wonted strength and force he hathEDENTextPage Scan
P102dLord, hear my prayer, and let my crySAXONYTextPage Scan
P102eThou shalt arise, and mercy yetMAINZERTextPage Scan
P102fThou shalt arise, and mercy yetDUKE STREETTextPage Scan
P102gMy strength he weakened in the wayANGELS' SONGTextPage Scan
P102hMy strength he weakened in the waySONG 34 (ANGELS' SONG)TextPage Scan
P103aO thou my soul, bless God the LordCOLESHILLTextPage Scan
P103bO thou my soul, bless God the LordKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
P103cO thou my soul, bless God the LordLONDON NEWTextPage Scan
P103dO thou my soul, bless God the LordST PAUL (ABERDEEN)TextPage Scan
P103eThe Lord prepared hath his throneST GEORGETextPage Scan
P104aBless God, my soul. O Lord my GodCOLCHESTERTextPage Scan
P104bBless God, my soul. O Lord my GodBLOXHAMTextPage Scan
P104cMy soul, praise the Lord, thou, Lord, mine own GodHANOVERTextPage Scan
P105aGive thanks to God, call on his nameST MIRRENTextPage Scan
P105bGive thanks to God, call on his nameABRIDGE (ST STEPHEN)TextPage Scan
P106Give praise and thanks unto the LordDUNFERMLINETextPage Scan
P107aPraise ye the Lord, for he is goodST STEPHEN (NEWINGTON)TextPage Scan
P107bPraise ye the Lord, for he is goodEDENTextPage Scan
P107cPraise ye the Lord, for he is goodYORKTextPage Scan
P108aMy heart is fixed, O God; I'll singST GEORGETextPage Scan
P108bMy heart is fixed, O God; I'll singBISHORPTHORPETextPage Scan
P109O thou the God of all my praiseMARTYRSTextPage Scan
P110aJehovah said unto my LordLONDON NEWTextPage Scan
P110bJehovah said unto my LordWESTMINSTERTextPage Scan
P110cUnto my Lord Jehovah saidZOHELETHTextPage Scan
P111Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heartGLOUCESTERTextPage Scan
P112Praise ye the Lord. The man is blessedST FULBERTTextPage Scan
P113Praise ye the Lord: who serve the LordST ETHELREDATextPage Scan
P114aWhen Israel out of Egypt wentCORONATextPage Scan
P114bWhen Israel had from Egypt gonePETERBOROUGHTextPage Scan
P115aNot unto us, Lord, not to usST MIRRENTextPage Scan
P115bNot ours the glory makePOTSDAMTextPage Scan
P116aI love the Lord, because my voiceKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
P116bI'll of salvation take the cupST PAUL (ABERDEEN)TextPage Scan
P117aO all ye nations of the earthTIVERTONTextPage Scan
P117bO all ye nations of the earthHEREFORD (HAYES)TextPage Scan
P117cFrom all that dwell below the skiesOLD 100TH (1st form)TextPage Scan
P117dFrom all that dwell below the skiesOLD 100TH (2nd form)TextPage Scan
P118aO praise the Lord, for he is goodSOUTHWARKTextPage Scan
P118bO praise the Lord, for he is goodWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
P119aBlessed are they that undefiledJACKSON (BYZANTIUM)TextPage Scan
P119bBy what means shall a young man learnST PAUL (ABERDEEN)TextPage Scan
P119cWith me thy servant, in thy graceEVANTextPage Scan
P119dMy soul to dust cleaves; quicken meMARTYRDOM (FENWICK)TextPage Scan
P119eTeach me, O Lord, the perfect wayYORKTextPage Scan
P119fLet thy sweet mercies also comeKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
P119gThe promise keep in mind, which thouST THOMASTextPage Scan
P119hThou my sure portion art aloneICONIUMTextPage Scan
P119iWell hast thou with thy servant dealtST HUGHTextPage Scan
P119jThy hands have made and fashioned meST ETHELREDATextPage Scan
P119kMy soul for thy salvation faintsCHESHIRETextPage Scan
P119lThy word for ever is, O LordFELIXTextPage Scan
P119mThy word for ever is, O LordST ANNETextPage Scan
P119nO how I love thy law! it isST FRANCESTextPage Scan
P119oThy word is to my feet a lampGRÄFENBERGTextPage Scan
P119pI hate the men of double mindABBEYTextPage Scan
P119qTo all men I have judgment doneST JAMESTextPage Scan
P119rThy statutes, Lord, are wonderfulBALLERMATextPage Scan
P119sO Lord, thou ever righteous artBRISTOLTextPage Scan
P119tWith my whole heart I cried, Lord, hearSALZBURG (HAYDN)TextPage Scan
P119uOn my affliction do thou lookST KILDATextPage Scan
P119vPrinces have persecuted meSOUTHWOLDTextPage Scan
P119wO let my earnest prayer and cryFARRANTTextPage Scan
P119xO let my earnest prayer and cryST CYRILTextPage Scan
P120I in my strait cried to the LordWINDSOR (DUNDEE)TextPage Scan
P121I to the hills will lift mine eyesFRENCH (DUNDEE)TextPage Scan
P122aI joyed when to the house of GodST PAUL (ABERDEEN)TextPage Scan
P122bI joyed when to the house of GodBELGRAVETextPage Scan
P123O thou that dwellest in the heavensPETERBOROUGH (HARRISON)TextPage Scan
P124aHad not the Lord been on our sideCORONATextPage Scan
P124bNow Israel may say, and that trulyOLD 124THTextPage Scan
P125They in the Lord that firmly trustST DAVIDTextPage Scan
P126aWhen Zion's bondage God turned backABBEYTextPage Scan
P126bWhen Zion's bondage God turned backSOUTHWELL (IRONS)TextPage Scan
P127Except the Lord do build the houseSALISBURYTextPage Scan
P128Blest is each one that fears the LordHOWARDTextPage Scan
P129Oft did they vex me from my youthELGINTextPage Scan
P130Lord, from the depths to thee I criedMARTYRDOM (FENWICK)TextPage Scan
P131My heart not haughty is, O LordST FRANCESTextPage Scan
P132aDavid, and his afflictions allST FLAVIANTextPage Scan
P132bThe Lord in truth to David swareCOLCHESTERTextPage Scan
P132cDavid, and all his anxious careWARRINGTONTextPage Scan
P133Behold, how good a thing it isST STEPHEN (NEWINGTON)TextPage Scan
P134aBehold, bless ye the Lord, all yeWETHERBYTextPage Scan
P134bBehold, bless ye the Lord, all yeEVANGELTextPage Scan
P135Praise ye the Lord, the Lord's name praiseSOUTHWARKTextPage Scan
P136aGive thanks to God, for good is heABERDEEN (BORTHWICK)TextPage Scan
P136bGive thanks to God, for good is heNEW 136THTextPage Scan

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