Infant Praises: a collection of sacred songs, hymns, and music, for use in the Sabbath school primary department

Editor: Jno. R. Sweney, Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
Publisher: John J. Hood, Philadelphia, 1887
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number, except for the first hymn which is numbered 1 but starts on p. 3. Letters are added when more than one hymn begins on a page.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1We are little children, Learning how to prayPage Scan
4I'm always glad when Sunday comesPage Scan
5Lord, teach a little child to prayPage Scan
6Dear Father, we thy little onesPage Scan
7Jesus loves us little childrenPage Scan
8I would be a Christmas bellPage Scan
9Teach me, O Lord, this very dayPage Scan
10We come with smiling facesPage Scan
11No night in heaven, eternal day!Page Scan
12Jesus loved the little childrenPage Scan
13Haste, let us worshipPage Scan
14Gladly do we gather in our Sunday schoolPage Scan
15Like a Shepherd good and kind, the Lord is ev'ry dayPage Scan
16The multitude their garments spreadPage Scan
17Oh, we are young soldiers for JesusPage Scan
18I am weak and I am smallPage Scan
19Only a pair of sparkling eyesPage Scan
20Day's bright beams are fallingPage Scan
21In our gladness we are singingPage Scan
22Flowers breathe their fragrancePage Scan
23Loving words the Shepherd saidPage Scan
24Blessed Lord, how good thou artPage Scan
25Mary stood beside the tomb[Mary stood beside the tomb]TextPage Scan
26Lovingly the Saviour standsPage Scan
27A sower went forth with precious seedPage Scan
28A merry little robin in a greenwood treePage Scan
29Dear Saviour, we gather Once more at thy throne[Dear Saviour, we gather]Page Scan
30aI will go to Jesus, Saviour kind and greatPage Scan
30bThere is a happy land, Far, far awayPage Scan
31I am a little soldierPage Scan
32Jesus, when he left the skyPage Scan
33Do you know what makes us happyPage Scan
34Little voices, happy voicesPage Scan
35Oh, how kindly Jesus smiledPage Scan
36When the morning breaks in splendorPage Scan
37Saviour, who in love divinePage Scan
38Jesus loves the little ones, Calls them to come nearPage Scan
39There is pardon sweet at the Master's feetPage Scan
40Oh, many, many children, In Zion shall be foundPage Scan
41We have a tender ShepherdPage Scan
42Dear Jesus, how thankful and happy are wePage Scan
43'Tis the gracious Saviour callingPage Scan
44We as children come to Jesus nowPage Scan
45I'm a little sunbeam, Just a golden rayPage Scan
46Jesus is the children's FriendPage Scan
47Full oft does Satan tryPage Scan
48God make my life a little lightPage Scan
49Heart bells, joyfully, Ring a merry chimePage Scan
50We are little, weak, and poorPage Scan
51Jesus, take your hands in thinePage Scan
52I want to be with JesusPage Scan
53Wake, little children, awake and sing praises, praisesPage Scan
54Little Christians, at home and schoolPage Scan
55The children to Jesus may comePage Scan
56Little ones may come to Jesus!Page Scan
57Jesus calls us, listen, listen[Jesus calls us, listen, listen]Page Scan
58Speak bright words for JesusPage Scan
59'Tis the Shepherd's voice we hearPage Scan
60A little work for JesusPage Scan
61Let us treasure up the sunbeamsPage Scan
62I have found a friend divinePage Scan
63Pretty, golden sunbeamsPage Scan
64Joyous, happy, bright, and fairPage Scan
65I love to sing of Jesus[I love to sing of Jesus]Page Scan
66A crowd fills the court of the templePage Scan
67Beautiful Sabbath bell!Page Scan
68aO, what can little hands doPage Scan
68bI cannot seek too early in the morningPage Scan
69Jesus watches over mePage Scan
70Listen, children, one and allPage Scan
71Precious is the Saviour's promisePage Scan
72A darling child lay dyingPage Scan
73Why came the Saviour from abovePage Scan
74aHappy little birdie, Singing in the treePage Scan
74bJesus, I would follow theePage Scan
75Jesus, guide my little feetPage Scan
76That from guilt I may be Ever spotless and freePage Scan
77Blessed Jesus, we adore theePage Scan
78Above the clear blue sky, In heaven's bright abodePage Scan
79Beautiful bow! in mercy giv'nPage Scan
80I'm a pilgrim, pilgrim on the roadPage Scan
81Jesus high in gloryPage Scan
82Thou Guardian of our youthful daysPage Scan
83We now give our hearts to JesusPage Scan
84Oh, joyfully, joyfully, onward we goPage Scan
85Hear the gentle Shepherd, Calling lambs like mePage Scan
86Gladly will we sing for Jesus[Gladly will we sing for Jesus]Page Scan
87I am coming to the crossPage Scan
88We are coming to the fountainPage Scan
89The world is very beautiful, and full of joy to mePage Scan
90Are we sowing seeds of kindness?Page Scan
91Guard, my child, thy tonguePage Scan
92Our school is a vineyard, a garden of truthPage Scan
93In the midnight silent watchesPage Scan
94Our lives we are told are but fleeting at bestPage Scan
95Who left for us a throne in heavenPage Scan
96The Saviour is calling, how tender his voicePage Scan
97Come to Jesus, Children dearPage Scan
98I would seek and find thee nowPage Scan
99Jesus was a little child, Long time agoPage Scan

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