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Sheng tu shi ge = Hymnary (聖徒詩歌)

Editor: Bocheng Shi
Publisher: Meiguo jian zheng chu ban she, Culver City, 1984
Language: Chinese; English
Notes: ISBN-13: 978-0942164503
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299我願作合乎祂心意的人[Only to be what He wants me to be]
300我已經決定要跟隨耶穌[I have decided to follow Jesus]
301你的美麗將我心奪[Captured by Thy beauty]
302你的靈豈非與祂會過 ?[Hast thou heard Him, seen Him, known Him?]
303將你最好的獻與主[Give of your best to the Master]
304救主受死大愛已賜給我[Savior, Thy dying love]
305我今屬於耶穌,不再屬自己[I belong to Jesus]
306活著為耶穌,只望能單純[Living for Jesus a life that is true]
307世上景色我已一閱[Having seen the world's fair beauty]
308照我本相,我將自己給你[Just as I am myself I give to Thee]
309 是否渴望充滿信心、平安、甘甜?[You have longed for sweet peace, and for faith to increase]
310主,你得勝,我今服矣[Lord, Thou hast won, at length I yield]
311都歸耶穌,都歸耶穌[All for Jesus, All for Jesus]
312盡我所有歸給耶穌[All to Jesus I surrender]
313收我此生作奉獻[Take my life and let it be]
314從我活出你的自己[Live out thy life within me]
315我聽我的救主吩咐[Follow me]
316跟隨主耶穌,立志永不改[Following Jesus, ever day by day]
317我今聽見救主召呼[I can hear my Savior calling]
318我當如何愛我的主?[How shall I follow Him I serve]
319主愛長闊高深[What length, breadth, height and depth]
320我今願跟隨耶穌[Down in the valley with my Savior I go]
321步步追,步步隨[Step by step]
322耶穌,我今撇下所有[Jesus, I my cross have taken]
323我曾行在孤單路上,擔子重壓肩頭[I traveled down a lonely road]
324我是否要背負十架[Am I a soldier of the Cross?]
325在我魂間,今天有陽光[There is sunshine in my soul today]
326主耶穌是我密友,又是我的萬有[I have found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to me]
327以前我心苦楚悲傷[O Christ, in thee my soul hath found]
328 當我不見基督容華,時間何等無味、可厭[How tedious and tasteless the hours]
329誰如耶穌樂我心靈[All that thrills my soul is Jesus]
330我捨一切而要耶穌[I'll give my all, Jesus to gain]
331以愛為旗在我以上[His banner over me is love]
332我寧願有耶穌,勝於金銀[I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold]
333 祂是一切最親,我所一切最愛[He is most dear to me]
334耶穌,只要一想到你[Jesus, the very thought of Thee]
335救主耶穌,愛者之樂[Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts]
336主,我還有誰在天上?[Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but Thee?]
337有平安在我心,非世界所能賜[There's a peace in my heart that the world never gave]
338主永遠的愛愛我[Loved with everlasting love]
339哦,在榮耀裏的基督[Marvel not that Christ in glory]
340我已尋獲主耶穌作避難所[I've found a refuge from life's care in Jesus]
341哈利路亞!我尋得祂[Hallelujah! I have found Him]
342耶穌我救主愛我無止息[Jesus my Lord will love me forever]
343美哉,主耶穌[Fairest Lord Jesus]
344今世福樂沒滅[Fade, fade, each earthly joy]
345我已揀選主耶穌[I have chosen the Lord Jesus]
346世上那有一人像你[Thought the Lord]
347北風阿,求速興起[A north wind a fast rise]
348你名似膏香[Thy name is sweet]
349主阿,在你面前我心何其樂[O Thou, in whose presence my soul takes delight]
350主是磐石容我藏躲[The Lord's our rock, in Him we hide]
351住在主裏面,無上的福氣[Living in the Lord]
352住在你裏面,這是我心願[Abide in Thee, in that deep love of thine]
353在至高者的隱密處[Within His secret place I hide]
354何等奇妙救主是耶穌我主[A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord]
355有一安靜隱密之處[There is a place of quiet rest]
356住在主裏,何等甘甜[Abiding, oh, so wondrous sweet]
357哦,讓我們在主裏面常喜樂[O let us rejoice in the Lord]
358在祂同在的隱密處[In the secret of His presence]
359在祂翼下,平安穩妥我居住[Under His wings I am safely abiding]
360在憂傷、痛苦、危險四圍之時[O safe to the Rock that is higher than I]Text
361"進入幔內" [Within the Veil]
362與我同桂,夕陽西沉迅速[Abide with me, fast falls the eventide]
363主,使我願意[Lord, make me willing]
364當我與主同行[When we walk with the Lord]
365求你揀選我道路[Thy way, not mine, o Lord]
366隨你調度,主,隨你調度[Have thine own way, Lord]
368我為基督而生[I live for Christ]
369壓得太緊[Pressed out of measure]
370“父阿,是的!”偉大得勝[Father, Yes, great victory]
371親愛的主,你曾為我釘十架[How dare I]
372我若稍微偏離正路[If from the right course I depart]
373祂的臉面,祂的天使常看見[His angels His countenance always behold]
374頑梗我心已終於屈服[Sweet will of God]
375你若取去我的心愛[If Thou shouldst take my love away]
376主阿,照你旨意[My Jesus, as Thou Wilt]
377我對撒但總是說:“不”[The will of the Lord be done]
378我所經過道路[The path that I have trod]
379主阿,你不可讓步[Do not yield Thy way to mine]
380十字架的道路要犧牲[The way of the Cross means sacrifice]
381讓我愛而不受感戴[Let me love and not be respected]
382主十字架是我誇耀[In the cross of Christ I glory]
383救主十架永遠是我誇耀原因[The cross of Christ]
384我今俯伏,生命的王[King of my life I crown Thee now]
385我是黑夜行人[I, pilgrim of the night]
386你若不壓橄欖成渣[Olives that have known no pressure]
387從伯利恆我們動身[These are they which follow the Lamb]
388我願揀選神你美旨[I choose Thee, blessed will of God]
389基督雖能千趟降生於伯利恆[Though Christ a thousand times]
390眾人湧進主的國度[Many crown the Saviour's kingdom]
391破毀帶我到主懷[Wrecked outright on Jesus's breast]
392惟有常出代價[Cross of Christ! Lead onward]
393神,你正在重排我的前途[God, you are my future rearrangemnt]
394由死而生—恩主 這乃是說明生命在此[Life out of death]
395哦!願我為無有[Oh, to be nothing, nothing]
396非我惟主,被人高舉並愛敬[Not I, but Christ be honored, loved, exalted]
397十架曾否使你疲倦?[Have you grown weary of the cross?]
398耶穌豈當獨背十架[Must Jesus bear the cross alone]

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