The Hymnal of Praise

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380Lord, while for all mankind we prayMIRFIELDPage Scan
381My country, 'tis of theeAMERICAPage Scan
382God bless our native landCOLUMBIAPage Scan
383Maker of earth and sea, what shallPRINCETONPage Scan
384Our thought of thee is glad with hopeTRUROPage Scan
385O God, beneath Thy guiding handDUKE STREETPage Scan
386God of our fathersNATIONAL HYMNPage Scan
387O beautiful for spacious skiesAMERICA, THE BEAUTIFULPage Scan
388God of our fathers, known of oldGOWER'S RECESSIONALPage Scan
389Great western land, whose mighty breastPETERBOROUGHPage Scan
390O King of kings, O Lord of hostsREX REGUMPage Scan
391O say can you see by the dawn's early lightTHE STAR-SPANGLED BANNERPage Scan
392O Lord, our God, thy mighty handREPUBLICPage Scan
393O beautiful, my countryPATRIAPage Scan
394From ocean unto oceanHOLY CHURCHPage Scan
395Our country's voice is pleadingWESTWOODPage Scan
396Look from thy sphere of endless dayMARKENPage Scan
397Life of ages, richly pouredELLINGHAMPage Scan
398God send us men whose aim 'twill beMELROSEPage Scan
399These things shall be, a loftier raceTRUROPage Scan
400O Thou before whose presenceST. GEORGE'S, BOLTONPage Scan
401The Lord will come and not be slowWESTMINSTERPage Scan
402From thee all skill and science flowFINGALPage Scan
403When wilt thou save the peopleCOMMONWEALTHPage Scan
404O Thou, not made with handsST. GERMANSPage Scan
405Made of one blood with all on earth who dwellFRATERNITYPage Scan
406O North, with all thy vales of greenMEIRINGENPage Scan
407Down the dark future, through long generationsMARLBOROUGHPage Scan
408Come, kingdom of our GodMORNINGTONPage Scan
409Two empires by the seaNATIONAL ANTHEM (Of Great Britain)Page Scan
410God save our gracious kingPage Scan
411Once to every man and nationLUX EOIPage Scan
412God, the all merciful! earth has forsakenULTORPage Scan
413Through centuries of sin and woeSMILEYPage Scan
414There's a light upon the mountainsMOUNT HOLYOKEPage Scan
415Eternal Father, strong to save, whose armMELITAPage Scan
416Soldiers of the cross, arise, gird youMILITES CRUCISPage Scan
417Father, let Thy Kingdom comeSPANISH HYMNPage Scan
418Fling out the banner, let it floatWALTHAMPage Scan
419From north and south and east and westHANFORDPage Scan
420Thou whose almighty wordST. AMBROSEPage Scan
421Eternal Father, thou hast saidVICTORIAPage Scan
422Send thou, O Lord, to every placeELMHURSTPage Scan
423The heavens declare thy glory, LordUXBRIDGEPage Scan
424Hail to the Lord's anointedPAEANPage Scan
425The morning light is breakingWEBBPage Scan
426For my sake and the Gospel's, goJUBILEEPage Scan
427Lift up your heads, ye gates of brassPRESBYTERPage Scan
428Jesus shall reign where'er the sunRUSSIAN HYMNPage Scan
429Ye Christian heralds, go proclaimMISSIONARY CHANTPage Scan
430O Sion, haste, thy mission high fulfillingTIDINGSPage Scan
431From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
432Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morningWESLEYPage Scan
433Watchman, tell us of the nightST. GEORGE'S WINDSORPage Scan
434Lord, her watch Thy church is keepingSTUTTGARTPage Scan
435Thy kingdom come, on bended kneeHUMMELPage Scan
436The glory of the spring, how sweetSPRINGTIDEPage Scan
437Summer suns are glowingRUTHPage Scan
438Praise to God, immortal praiseNUREMBERGPage Scan
439Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S WINDSORPage Scan
440Ring out, wild bells, to the wild skyWILD BELLSPage Scan
441Standing at the portal of the opening yearDEVAPage Scan
442Father, let me dedicateGORDONPage Scan
443Sunset and evening starCROSSING THE BARPage Scan
444Come, let us sing a tender songST. FIDELISPage Scan
445It singeth low in every heartBRENTWOODPage Scan
446The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDPage Scan
447aJerusalem, the goldenEWINGPage Scan
447bJerusalem, the goldenURBS BEATAPage Scan
448O mother dear, JerusalemMATERNAPage Scan
449aThere is a land of pure delightSPURGEONPage Scan
449bThere is a land of pure delightAUDITEPage Scan
450The homeland, O the homelandHOMELANDPage Scan
451Ten thousand times ten thousandALFORDPage Scan
452O Paradise, O Paradise who doth not crave for restPARADISEPage Scan
453The saints of God, Their conflict pastSAINTS OF GODPage Scan
454I heard a sound of voicesPATMOSPage Scan
455O come let us sing unto the LordPage Scan
456O be joyful in the Lord all ye landsPage Scan
457God be merciful unto usPage Scan
458Glory be to God on highPage Scan
459We praise Thee O GodPage Scan
460My soul doth magnify the LordPage Scan
461Blessed be the Lord God of IsraelPage Scan
462Praise the Lord O my soulPage Scan
463Lord, now lettest ThouPage Scan
464The mercy of the Lord is from everlastingPage Scan
465God is our strength and songPage Scan
466Holy, holy, holy Lord God of HostsPage Scan
467Our Father who art in heavenPage Scan
468Lord, have mercy upon usPage Scan
469O Lamb of God that taketh away the sinsPage Scan
470Our day of praise is doneGORTONPage Scan
471With Thy benediction Falling on our earVISPERPage Scan
472Glory be to the Father, and to the SonGLORIA PATRIPage Scan
473Glory be to the Father, and to the SonGLORIA PATRIPage Scan
474O Father, ever gloriousPage Scan
475To God the Father, God the SonSEFTONPage Scan
476Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, Three in OneMUNUSPage Scan
477O Saviour, ere we partBLESSINGPage Scan

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