Harmonies of Praise: for a Junior Congregation

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1Jesus bids us shine[Jesus bids us shine]Page Scan
2The wise may bring their learning[The wise may bring their learning]Page Scan
3Two babes were born in the self-same town[Two babes were born in the self-same town]Page Scan
4Beauteous are the flowers of earth[Beauteous are the flowers of earth]Page Scan
5What if the little rain should say[What if the little rain should say]Page Scan
6Little flow'ret, press thy way[Little flow'ret, press thy way]Page Scan
7Remember thy Creator[Remember thy Creator]Page Scan
8O lily fair, O lily fair[O lily fair, O lily fair]Page Scan
9We lift our happy voices[We lift our happy voices]Page Scan
10We are but young, yet we may sing[We are but young, yet we may sing]Page Scan
11Lift up the nation's banner[Lift up the nation's banner]Page Scan
12Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing[Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing]Page Scan
13O Saviour dear, Thy voice divine[O Saviour dear, Thy voice divine]Page Scan
14Little knees should bend in prayer[Little knees should bend in prayer]Page Scan
15There is a friend for children[There is a friend for children]Page Scan
16Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd[Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd]Page Scan
17Jesus, from Thy throne on high[Jesus, from Thy throne on high]Page Scan
18Tis Easter time, and gentle spring[Tis Easter time, and gentle spring]Page Scan
19Is there room for all the children[Is there room for all the children]Page Scan
20There dwelt in old Judea[There dwelt in old Judea]Page Scan
21Come with gladness, come with gladness[Come with gladness, come with gladness]Page Scan
22God make my life a little Light[God make my life a little Light]Page Scan
23Here, Lord, we offer thee all that is fairest[Here, Lord, we offer thee all that is fairest]Page Scan
24Thy little one, O Saviour dear[Thy little one, O Saviour dear]Page Scan
25Saviour, listen to our plea[Saviour, listen to our plea]Page Scan
26The Saviour loves the little ones[The Saviour loves the little ones]Page Scan
27Jesus Holy, Undefiled[Jesus Holy, Undefiled]Page Scan
28Though you may not cross the ocean[Though you may not cross the ocean]Page Scan
29When children give their hearts to God[When children give their hearts to God]Page Scan
30Like angels' hearts so pure and white[Like angels' hearts so pure and white]Page Scan
31Sabbath day, Sabbath day[Sabbath day, Sabbath day]Page Scan
32God bless the home tho' humble[God bless the home tho' humble]Page Scan
33Lamb of God, I look to Thee[Lamb of God, I look to Thee]Page Scan
34Gone the buds of spring[Gone the buds of spring]Page Scan
35My heart is God's little garden[My heart is God's little garden]Page Scan
36In our dear Lord's garden[In our dear Lord's garden]Page Scan
37Thou that once on mother's knee[Thou that once on mother's knee]Page Scan
38Precious Saviour King of love[Precious Saviour King of love]Page Scan
39Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding[Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding]Page Scan
40Like a cradle rocking, rocking[Like a cradle rocking, rocking]Page Scan
41Children hark! a battle song![Children hark! a battle song!]Page Scan
42Little hands, work away[Little hands, work away]Page Scan
43Thou who wast once a child[Thou who wast once a child]Page Scan
44Are you fighting for the Master[Are you fighting for the Master]Page Scan
45We are soldiers young and earnest[We are soldiers young and earnest]Page Scan
46And is it true, as I am told[And is it true, as I am told]Page Scan
47Jesus Christ our Saviour[Jesus Christ our Saviour]Page Scan
48Since I am the Saviour's lamb[Since I am the Saviour's lamb]Page Scan
49Little feet may find the pathway[Little feet may find the pathway]Page Scan
50When His salvation bringing[When His salvation bringing]Page Scan
51Jesus loves me and I'm happy[Jesus loves me and I'm happy]Page Scan
52I love my Jesus more and more[I love my Jesus more and more]Page Scan
53Ev'ry morning the red sun[Ev'ry morning the red sun]Page Scan
54How strong and sweet My Father's care[How strong and sweet My Father's care]Page Scan
55Sadly bend the flowers[Sadly bend the flowers]Page Scan
56One more year of blessing[One more year of blessing]Page Scan
57Saviour dear we come before Thee[Saviour dear we come before Thee]Page Scan
58When another day is done[When another day is done]Page Scan
59The world looks very beautiful[The world looks very beautiful]Page Scan
60The Christmas chimes are ringing[The Christmas chimes are ringing]Page Scan
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