Hymns of Grace and Truth

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
298God calling yet! shall I not hear?CANAPage Scan
299Goodness I have none to pleadREDHEADPage Scan
300Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHPage Scan
301I am coming to the CrossTRUSTINGPage Scan
302O do not let the word departRIVAULXPage Scan
303Time is earnest, passing byBEETHOVENPage Scan
304What, sinner, canst thou do?SOLYMAPage Scan
305And will the Judge descend?SHAWMUTPage Scan
306Haste, sinner, to be wise!PLEYEL'S HYMNPage Scan
307Eternity! where? It floats in the airETERNITYPage Scan
308Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!NICAEAPage Scan
309Around the throne of God in heav'nAROUND THE THRONEPage Scan
310Come, let us all unite to singGOD IS LOVEPage Scan
311Rejoice and be glad! the Redeemer has come!REJOICEPage Scan
312We praise Thee, O GodREJOICEPage Scan
313There is no name so sweet on earthSWEETEST NAMEPage Scan
314Everlasting glory unto Jesus be!ST. GERTRUDEPage Scan
315Praise the Saviour, ye who know Him!ACCLAIMPage Scan
316Wonderful Saviour! blessed Redeemer!WONDERFUL SAVIOURPage Scan
317Sing of Jesus! sing for everSONGPage Scan
318Little children, praise the Saviour!LAUDPage Scan
319Come, all who trust in Christ, the LordHALLELPage Scan
320Come, let us gladly singHALLELUIAHPage Scan
321When, His salvation bringingHOSANNAPage Scan
322Jesus loves me, this I knowJESUS LOVES MEPage Scan
323Children, can you tell me whyPILOTPage Scan
324Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem cameSEEKING FOR MEPage Scan
325Christ is merciful and mildALETTAPage Scan
326Thou didst leave Thy throne, and Thy kingly crownHEART-ROOMPage Scan
327How kind is the Saviour! how great is His love!MENTONEPage Scan
328O Saviour, Shepherd-Lord aboveRESPONSEPage Scan
329How loving is Jesus, who came from the skyBENEVOLENTIAPage Scan
330O God, our blest Father, Thou lovest us soAMOR PATRISPage Scan
331I love to sing of JesusFAVORITEPage Scan
332Our sins were borne by JesusLOUTRONPage Scan
333When mothers of Salem their children brought to JesusBENEDICTUSPage Scan
334Who is He in yonder stallGRATIA JESUPage Scan
335The lowly Jesus gladly reignsJESUS REIGNSPage Scan
336Jesus calls to little childrenSTUTGARDPage Scan
337I think when I read that sweet story of oldSWEET STORYPage Scan
338I was a wand'ring sheepLEBANONPage Scan
339Jesus is our ShepherdPASTORPage Scan
340Saviour, like a shepherd lead usSAVIOUR, LIKE A SHEPHERDPage Scan
341Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd!ST. SYLVESTERPage Scan
342Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear usTENDER SHEPHERDPage Scan
343I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus!BULLINGERPage Scan
344Our loving Redeemer! we trust in Thy wordDURENPage Scan
345I need Thee, precious Jesus!O BONA PATRIAPage Scan
346Hark! it is the Saviour callingCLESISPage Scan
347Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear lightSHININGPage Scan
348All for Jesus! all for Jesus!ALL FOR JESUSPage Scan
349We're trav'ling home to heav'n aboveWILL YOU GO?Page Scan
350Little trav'lers heavenwardHERALD ANGELSPage Scan
351On our way rejoicing, As we homeward moveST. ALBANSPage Scan
352The glory shines before me!WATCHERPage Scan
353Come, children! on to gloryENCOURAGEMENTPage Scan
354There is a happy land, Far, far awayHAPPY LANDPage Scan
355There's a Friend for little childrenMENDEBRASPage Scan
356Beautiful Zion, built above!BEAUTIFUL ZIONPage Scan
357Jesus shall reign where'er the sunMISSIONARY CHANTPage Scan
358Far beyond the dark blue seaSCOTAIPage Scan
359From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
360Come, children, and learn of the infinite graceGRACEPage Scan
361Little child, the Door is openSHEPHERD'S VOICEPage Scan
362Little children, come to JesusBROCKLESBURYPage Scan
363Come to Jesus, little one! Come to Jesus now!ANTRIMPage Scan
364Happy we in ev'ry careWE HAVE JESUSPage Scan
365Singing for Jesus, our Saviour and KingNAAMANPage Scan
366In Jesus sleeping till He come!ANALUSISPage Scan
367Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleepRESTPage Scan
368'Tis sweet to think of those at restSAINT'S RESTPage Scan
369Rest for the little sleeper!FOLDED LAMBPage Scan
370Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?PAX TECUMPage Scan
371Hush! blessed are the deadAUSTRIAN MELODYPage Scan
372Let me be with Thee, where Thou artHESPERUSPage Scan
373O what will be that day, when nought grows oldEUROCLYDONPage Scan
374Jesus only, when the morningBARTIMEUSPage Scan
375We are by Christ redeemedPRIORYPage Scan
376Call'd from above, a heav'nly race by birthKLETOSPage Scan
377I'm waiting for Thee, LordWAITINGPage Scan
378We wait for Thee, O Son of GodEXPECTATIONPage Scan
379He is coming, coming for usVENITPage Scan
380In us the Hope of gloryGENUNGPage Scan
381Bride of the Lamb, awake! awake!BRIDEPage Scan
382Hear the cry, "Behold, He cometh!"BATTYPage Scan
383Jesus, our Lord, Thou Morning StarMORNING STARPage Scan
384Lo, He comes, from heav'n descendingEPIPHANYPage Scan
385Light of the lonely pilgrim's heartNEWBOLDPage Scan
386Bridegroom, come! Bridegroom, come!BRIDEGROOMPage Scan
387How long, O Lord our SaviourCHENIESPage Scan
388Lord Jesus, come, And take Thy rightful placeCOME!Page Scan
389The Lord Himself shall comeTHESSALYPage Scan
390Christ, the Lord, will come again!ANTICIPATIONPage Scan
391Jesus, the Lord, will soon descendANTIOCHPage Scan
392That bright and blessed morn is nearGROSVENORPage Scan
393We are but strangers hereOAKPage Scan
394My heart is bounding onwardHOMEWARD BOUNDPage Scan
395O for the robe of whitenessSTOLEYPage Scan
396Fairer than Canaan's landPROSPECTPage Scan
397How blest a home—the Father's house!DOMUS PATRISPage Scan

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