Heart and Voice: a collection of Songs and Services for the Sunday School and the Home

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1With heart and voice together[With heart and voice together]Page Scan
2aWelcome, welcome is the greeting[Welcome, welcome is the greeting]Page Scan
2bWelcome, welcome is the greeting[Welcome, welcome is the greeting]Page Scan
3God is my strong salvationWEBBPage Scan
4Happy, happy Sunday bells[Happy, happy Sunday bells]Page Scan
5Now, host with host assemblingWEBBPage Scan
6Will men e'er dwell togetherWEBBPage Scan
7We come, O God, with gladnessHUNGARYPage Scan
8When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
9The hours of school are overHUNGARYPage Scan
10Lo, the great sun in his glory[Lo, the great sun in his glory]Page Scan
11The morning light is breaking[The morning light is breaking]Page Scan
12Come, children, and join in our festival song[Come, children, and join in our festival song]Page Scan
13Today a solemn stillness[Today a solemn stillness]Page Scan
14Be kind to dumb creatures, be gentle, be truePage Scan
15We come with songs of praise to Thee[We come with songs of praise to Thee]Page Scan
16O see! how fair, how sweet, how clearPage Scan
17O little birds that all day longPage Scan
18Morn hath wak'd the world again[Morn hath wak'd the world again]Page Scan
19With happy voices singing[With happy voices singing]Page Scan
20Peaceful the morning, quiet the day[Peaceful the morning, quiet the day]Page Scan
21Lord, what off'ring shall we bringSPANISH HYMNPage Scan
22They who seek the throne of gracePage Scan
23All hail to the light![All hail to the light!]Page Scan
24The Sunday bells are callingAURELIAPage Scan
25Now while we sing our closing psalmHURSLEYPage Scan
26Mysterious Presence, Source of allHURSLEYPage Scan
27Thou'rt with me, O my FatherAURELIAPage Scan
28Come, brothers, let us go!LABANPage Scan
29Sow in the morn thy seedLABANPage Scan
30Across the snow-clad wasteLABANPage Scan
31Father, now our prayer is saidINNOCENTSPage Scan
32Bid the din of battle cease!INNOCENTSPage Scan
33Savior, again to thy dear name we raiseELLERSPage Scan
34O thou great Friend to all the sons of menELLERSPage Scan
35Part in peace! is day before us?[Part in peace! is day before us?]Page Scan
36From all that dwell below the skiesOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
37Be Thou, O God, exalted highOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
38Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILYPage Scan
39God is in his holy templeAZABUPage Scan
40Praise the Lord! His works exalt Him[Praise the Lord! His works exalt Him]Page Scan
41Lead us, heav'nly Father[Lead us, heav'nly Father]Page Scan
42Lord of our life, whose love from year to year[Lord of our life, whose love from year to year]Page Scan
43Rejoice! the Lord is King[Rejoice! the Lord is King]Page Scan
44Come, thou almighty King!ITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
45Strong in the living GodITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
46Father, from thy throne on high[Father, from thy throne on high]Page Scan
47Not with the flashing steelITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
48Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name[Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name]Page Scan
49The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know[The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know]Page Scan
50Love divine, all love excelling[Love divine, all love excelling]Page Scan
51Father in Heaven, hear us todayALMOST PERSUADEDPage Scan
52God and Father, great and holy![God and Father, great and holy!]Page Scan
53Cast thy burden upon the Lord[Cast thy burden upon the Lord]Page Scan
54Holy Father! Holy Father![Holy Father! Holy Father!]Page Scan
55Father, like a shepherd lead us[Father, like a shepherd lead us]Page Scan
56Our fathers' faith, we'll sing of thee[Our fathers' faith, we'll sing of thee]Page Scan
57O lily fair, O lily fairPage Scan
58The light pours down from heaven[The light pours down from heaven]Page Scan
59Our fathers were high-minded menROBINSONPage Scan
60O God, whose love is over allPage Scan
61For the beauty of the earth[For the beauty of the earth]Page Scan
62Without haste, and without rest[Without haste, and without rest]Page Scan
63Go, when the morning shineth[Go, when the morning shineth]Page Scan
64From meadows bright with blossomPage Scan
65Yes, God is good: in earth and skyDUKE STREETPage Scan
66O, Father, Thou who givest allDUKE STREETPage Scan
67God is love; his mercy brightensSTOCKWELLPage Scan
68Live for something; be not idleSTOCKWELLPage Scan
69I believe in God, the FatherSTOCKWELLPage Scan
70How gentle God's commandsDENNISPage Scan
71Teach me, my God and KingDENNISPage Scan
72Mourn for the thousands slainDENNISPage Scan
73O happy, happy children[O happy, happy children]Page Scan
74As the storm retreating[As the storm retreating]Page Scan
75Take the fruit I give you[Take the fruit I give you]Page Scan
76O never despair at the troubles of life[O never despair at the troubles of life]Page Scan
77The King of love my shepherd is[The King of love my shepherd is]Page Scan
78Hark, hark, my soul! thy Father's voice is callingPILGRIMSPage Scan
79I've found a Friend; O such a Friend![I've found a Friend; O such a Friend!]Page Scan
80I love to hear the story[I love to hear the story]Page Scan
81O there's a call for service[O there's a call for service]Page Scan
82I hear a sweet voice ringing clear[I hear a sweet voice ringing clear]Page Scan
83O God, we praise Thee and confess[O God, we praise Thee and confess]Page Scan
84Thy kingdom come, on bended kneeST. MARGUERITEPage Scan
85Creator Spirit, by whose aidALL SAINTSPage Scan
86Faith of our fathers, living stillALL SAINTSPage Scan
87A mighty fortress is our GodEIN' FESTE BURGPage Scan
88Praise ye the Lord, who is king of all power and gloryLOBET DEN HERRNPage Scan
89The spacious firmament on highCREATIONPage Scan
90Oh, worship the King, all-glorious above!LYONSPage Scan
91O holy Father, bless us with thy blessingINTEGER VITAEPage Scan
92The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I knowPORTUGUESE HYMNPage Scan
93Awake, my soul, and with the sunALL SAINTS (WAREHAM)Page Scan
94O Thou to whom, in ancient timeALL SAINTS (WAREHAM)Page Scan
95How happy is he born and taughtALL SAINTS (WAREHAM)Page Scan
96aNearer, my God, to TheeST. EDMUNDPage Scan
96bNearer, my God, to TheeBETHANYPage Scan
97Abide with me! fast falls the eventideEVENTIDEPage Scan
98Father, to us thy children humbly kneelingBERLINPage Scan

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