The Harp: being a collection of hymns and spiritual songs, adapted to all purposes of social and religious worship

Editor: Rev. Hiram May
Publisher: American Citizen Office, Perry, [N.Y.], 1840
Language: English
Notes: This hymnal has many numbering errors. Brackets are used for actual hymnal numbers when necessary.
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1What's this that steals--That steals upon my frame?Page Scan
2Awake, Jerusalem, awakePage Scan
3Dread Sovereign, let my evening songPage Scan
4Raise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eyePage Scan
5Supported by the wordPage Scan
6'Twas when the seas with horrid roarPage Scan
7The day is past and gonePage Scan
8Pray on my brethren in the LordPage Scan
9Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
10Holy Bible, Book Divine!Page Scan
11Watchman! tell us of the nightPage Scan
12There is a heaven o'er yonder skiesPage Scan
13I love to steal awhile awayPage Scan
14All who seek a throne of gracePage Scan
15Vital spark of heav'nly flame!Page Scan
16Of Him who did Salvation bringPage Scan
17There is a fountain fill'd with bloodPage Scan
18Brethren, we are met to worshipPage Scan
19The bark was frail, the shore was farPage Scan
20Love brings to Christ a burning heartPage Scan
21Unthinking, idle, wild and youngPage Scan
22Jesus, dear name, how sweet the sound!Page Scan
23Ye morning stars that sing and shinePage Scan
24Am I prepared to diePage Scan
25Though faint and sick, and worn awayPage Scan
26Thou art gone to the grave!Page Scan
27Chide not the lingering hours of lifePage Scan
28Free, yet in chains, the mountains standPage Scan
29In deep suspense I sought to knowPage Scan
30Yea, if God blesses, I am bless'dPage Scan
31The cold winds swept the mountain heightPage Scan
32That I shall die, full well I knowPage Scan
33How hath he loved us?--Ask the starPage Scan
34One song of praise, one song of prayerPage Scan
35Watcher!--Who wakest by the bed of painPage Scan
36Hast thou a brother unreclaimedPage Scan
37Yes, my native land I love theePage Scan
38I asked her when in beauty dress'dPage Scan
39Jesus! I my cross have takenPage Scan
40From whence doth this union arisePage Scan
41Why should vain mortals tremble at the sight ofPage Scan
42Come, humble sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
43There is a treasure richer farPage Scan
44My days, my weeks, my months, my yearsPage Scan
45By whom was David taughtPage Scan
46Hark! what is that note, so mournful and slowPage Scan
47Come, all ye young people of every nationPage Scan
48Ah! what is life? I heard one askPage Scan
49Hark! brethren, don't you hear the soundPage Scan
50[46]The reason we love friendshipPage Scan
51[47]While, with ceaseless course, the sunPage Scan
52[48]In airy dreams of gay delightPage Scan
53[49]Farewell, all worldly honorsPage Scan
54[50]Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
55[51]What is death?--Let mortals sayPage Scan
56[52]Farewell! beloved companionsPage Scan
57[53]How sweet the thought! while here in tearsPage Scan
58[59]My God, through every earthly hopePage Scan
59[60]My husband, there are reasons whyPage Scan
60[61]Count not thy days that have idly flownPage Scan
61[62]What is the world?--a wildering mazePage Scan
62[63]Soldiers of the cross arisePage Scan
63[64]When secret sins before us risePage Scan
64[65]O God of mercy, grace and truthPage Scan
65[66]The Great God of Love hath shown us the wayPage Scan
66[67]Come and taste along with mePage Scan
67[68]Death, he is the king of terrorsPage Scan
68[69]The great tremendous day's approachingPage Scan
69[70]In what confusion earth appears!Page Scan
70[71]From Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
71[72]Blest land of Judea! thrice hallowed of songPage Scan
72[73]Thus saith the Lord of gloryPage Scan
73[74]Where two or three together meetPage Scan
74[75]The lightnings bright flashPage Scan
75[76]Hail to the Lord's anointed!Page Scan
76[77]Come, warm my heart, celestial firePage Scan
77[78]From o'er the Rocky MountainsPage Scan
78[79]Sweet is the early breath of mornPage Scan
79[80]When gathering clouds around I viewPage Scan
80[81]With courage bold, the watchmen standPage Scan
81[82]O land of rest, we look to theePage Scan
82[83]When strangers stand, and hear me tellPage Scan
83[84]What is the thing of highest pricePage Scan
84[85]Trust in Heaven!--when o'er thy pathPage Scan
85[86]Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep!Page Scan
86[87]Thy neighbor? It is he whom thouPage Scan
87[88]Oh, what is a man of hope deprived!Page Scan
88[89]Raise the Christian standard higherPage Scan
89When the Prodigal return'dPage Scan
90Listen, ye sprightly, and attend ye vain onesPage Scan
91I'm on my way to CanaanPage Scan
92Farewell, my brethren in the LordPage Scan
93To leave my dear friends and with neighbors to partPage Scan
94Why, O, my soul! why thus depress'dPage Scan
95On they pressed mid hope and fearPage Scan
96Daniel's wisdom may I knowPage Scan
97My dearest friends in bonds of lovePage Scan
98Rise my soul, and stretch thy wingsPage Scan
99When we our wearied limbs to restPage Scan
100While nature was sinking in stillness to restPage Scan

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