The Golden Harp: or, Camp-Meeting Hymns, Old and New, Set to Music

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d1A father is praying The Savior to hear
d2A few more days on earth to spend
d3A little longer here below
d4A mixture of joy and trouble
d5A poor wayfaring man of grief Hath often crossed
d6Adieu, adieu, I'm dying now
d7Afflictions, though they seem severe
d8All hands on board, the Captain cries
d9Along the smooth and slender wires
d10Am I a soldier of the cross
d11Among the Judah [Jewish] captives [nation], One Daniel
d12And the house of the Lord shall be filled
d13Away from his home and the friends of his youth
d14Behold his arms extended wide
d15Brightest and best of the sons [stars] of the morning
d16Brother is life's morning clouded
d17Brother, thou art gone before us
d18Burst, ye emerald [pearly] gates, and bring
d19By faith I view my Savior dying
d20By the poor widow's oil and meal
d21Can you tell me what ship is a-going for us to sail
d22Come, all my dear brethren, we've entered on board
d23Come all you knights, you knights of Malta
d24Come, angels, seize your harps of gold
d25Come, little children, now we [you] may partake
d26Come, my fond fluttering heart, Come struggle to [you must now] be free
d27Come, parents, children, bond and free
d28Come, poor guilty, anxious mourner
d29Come soldiers can't you arise and tell
d30Come, thou who didst turn the water to wine
d31Come, we [ye] [you] that love the Lord indeed
d32Come, ye that love the Lord, Unto me
d33Daniel's wisdom may I know, Stephen's faith
d34Dark and thorny [stormy] is the desert
d35Day of wrath, that day of burning
d36De poor negro he will go, some one day
d37Delay not, delay not: O sinner [drunkard] draw near
d38Enlisted with Jesus to fight against sin
d39Far over Jordan's rolling river
d40From every stormy wind [sense] that blows
d41Go, bring me [them], said the dying fair
d42Good morning, brother pilgrim, What, marching [traveling] to Zion
d43Hail, my ever blessed Jesus
d44Hail the day so long expected, Hail the year
d45Here is a band of brethren dear
d46How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the Lord
d47How happy is the man who has [hath] chosen wisdom's ways
d48How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Of youthful connections [emotions]
d49How prone are professors to rest on their lees
d50How sweet the memory of the dead
d51How sweet to reflect on the [those] joys that await me [us]
d52I came to the spot where the White Pilgrim lay
d53I have a never failing bank
d54I have become a beggar at the end of my days
d55I have sought round the [this] verdant earth
d56I received a gospel letter
d57I remember how I loved her
d58I saw a wide and well spread board
d59I'm tired with [of] visits, modes and forms
d60In a lone, silent spot
d61In de dark wood, no Indian nigh
d62In seasons of grief to my God I'll repair
d63I've heard of a country o'er London it lies
d64I've launched my bark for glory
d65I've shipped on board the gospel ship
d66Jesus Christ is now among [amongst] us
d67Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leave
d68Jesus, my King, proclaims the war
d69Joyfully, joyfully, onward I [we] move
d70Lay up nearer, brother, nearer
d71Let me go, my soul is weary
d72Let party names no more
d73Lift your standard, lift it high
d74Like a ship, see the church
d75Mid [midst] scenes of confusion and creature complaints
d76Mother, I'm dying now; There's a deep suffocation in my br
d77Mother, what makes my father gone so very long tonight
d78Mournfully, tenderly, bear on the dead
d79My brother, will you meet me
d80My friends and hearers all adieu
d81Negro walk de golden street
d82O brethren, I have found
d83O careless sinner [sinners], come, pray [and] now attend
d84O Christian, will you go with me
d85O, for a faith that will not shrink
d86O for a thousand tongues to sing my great [dear] Redeemer's praise
d87O God, thou great Creator
d88O God, thou great Creator
d89O tell me no more of this [the] world's vain [vain world's] store
d90O where can the soul find relief
d91O where is my father my guardian my guide
d92O'er mountain and hill I wandered alone
d93Oft in the stilly night, Ere slumber's chain
d94On don't turn back, don't turn back
d95Once I loved my Redeemer
d96Our bondage here [it] shall [will] end by and by
d97Our kindred dear to heaven have [are] gone
d98Parted many a toil spent year, Pledged in youth
d99Poor Christian, look up to the joys set before thee
d100Praise God for what he's done for me

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