The Devotional Chimes: a choice collection of new and standard hymns and tunes, adapted to all occasions of social worship, family devotions, and congregational singing

Editor: Asa Hull
Publisher: Asa Hull, Philadelphia, 1873
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3I gave my life for [to] theePage Scan
4When mountains of doubt hem me in on each sidePage Scan
5All for Jesus, all for Jesus, All my being's ransomed powersPage Scan
6To the cross of Christ, my SaviorPage Scan
7Nothing but leaves the spirit grievesPage Scan
8It may be far, it may be nearPage Scan
9There are lonely hearts to cherishPage Scan
10While clinging to Jesus with unyielding holdPage Scan
11O now I see the crimson [cleansing] wavePage Scan
12Behold a fountain, deep and widePage Scan
13My life flows [goes] on in [an] endless songPage Scan
14Dear [Lord] [Well] Jesus, I long to be perfectly wholePage Scan
15In some way or other, the Lord will providePage Scan
16Jesus, Savior, pilot mePage Scan
17I am so glad that our [my] Father [Savior] in heavenPage Scan
18There is a gate that stands ajar And through its portals gleamingPage Scan
19There are joys we fondly cherishPage Scan
20O thought full of sweetnessPage Scan
21Come to the fountain of mercy, Come to the haven so blestPage Scan
22In the silent midnight watches, list thy bosom's doorPage Scan
23And can it be that I should gain [claim]Page Scan
24My foot is on the thresholdPage Scan
25We may spread our couch with rosesPage Scan
26Like the sea that cannot restPage Scan
27Quiet as a peaceful riverPage Scan
28What a friend we have in Jesus[What a friend we have in Jesus]Page Scan
29Abide with me, fast falls the eventidePage Scan
30Anywhere with Jesus says the Christian heartPage Scan
31Time is earnest, passing byPage Scan
32The cross, the cross, the bloodstained crossPage Scan
33aO who'll stand up for JesusPage Scan
33bThere is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]Page Scan
34Onward, forward, forward pilgrim travelersPage Scan
35No night shall be in heaven, no gathering gloomPage Scan
36I love to tell the story of unseen things abovePage Scan
37O, now I am a soldierPage Scan
38O, think of a home over therePage Scan
39In God I have found a retreat, O what comfort it bringsPage Scan
40Wondrous cross, thy glory beamingPage Scan
41Hail, thou ever rolling oceanPage Scan
42Come up hither; come awayPage Scan
43I seem to hear a voice withinPage Scan
44When we hear the music ringing in [through] the brightPage Scan
45Love has a ready ear: It catches each faint moanPage Scan
46When the tempest rages high sailing on [o'er] life's boisterous seaPage Scan
47Beautiful mansions, home of the blestPage Scan
48One [A] sweetly [sweet] solemn thought comes to me o'er and o'erPage Scan
49Just as I am, without one plea, But [Save] that thy bloodPage Scan
50I hear the Savior say, thy strength indeed is smallPage Scan
51aLive on the field of battlePage Scan
51bGod's holy law transgressedPage Scan
52A home in heaven, what a joyful thoughtPage Scan
53Through heaven's clear arch the echoes rangPage Scan
54My soul is now united to Christ, the living vinePage Scan
55I love thee, I love thee, I love thee my Love [Lord]Page Scan
56My soul, with rapture waits for TheePage Scan
57Depth of mercy, can there be, Mercy still reserved for me?Page Scan
58There's a land that is fairer [brighter] than dayPage Scan
59aI am coming to the cross, I am poorPage Scan
59bSavior of the sin sick soul, give me faith to make me wholePage Scan
60Stand up for Jesus, Christian standPage Scan
61aThe night is dark the storm is loudPage Scan
61bMy hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousnessPage Scan
62I will sing for Jesus, With his bloodPage Scan
63I will sing you a song of that [a] [the] beautifulPage Scan
64O'er the hill [hills] the sun is settingPage Scan
65aCome, let us anew our journey pursue, Roll roundPage Scan
65bPraise the Lord, ye heavens adore himPage Scan
66O blessed feet of Jesus, Weary with seeking me (Wood)Page Scan
67Sad and weary with my longingPage Scan
68When I can read my title clearPage Scan
69aBear thy cross cheerfully, brotherPage Scan
69bThere is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reignPage Scan
70O my house is builded upon the Rock of Jesus ChristPage Scan
71Though clouds arise and storms prevailPage Scan
72What to me are earth's pleasuresPage Scan
73Come sing the praise of JesusPage Scan
74There is beauty all around when there's love at homePage Scan
75O bliss of the purified [pure ones]Page Scan
76Who, who are these [they] beside [beyond] the chilly wavePage Scan
77aSoldiers on life's battlefieldPage Scan
77bHasten, sinner, to be wise!Page Scan
78Watch, for the time is shortPage Scan
79The great Physician now is nearPage Scan
80Beautiful Zion, built above, beautiful city that I lovePage Scan
81O, come to the stream that never runs dryPage Scan
82There's a crown in heaven for the striving soulPage Scan
83Arise, my soul to Pisgah's heightPage Scan
84Shall we gather at [by] the river, Where bright angel feet have trodPage Scan
85If we cannot plant our cottagePage Scan
86Weary wanderer o'er the mainPage Scan
87On every sunny mountainPage Scan
88My latest sun is sinking fast, My race is nearly runPage Scan
89Glad as the morning, swift as the lightPage Scan
90aThere is a radiant, sunny climePage Scan
90bAnd let this feeble body failPage Scan
91We're going home to gloryPage Scan
92aO what amazing words of grace Are in the gospel foundPage Scan
92bLord, I hear of [that] [the] showers of blessingPage Scan
93Come, poor pilgrim, sad and wearyPage Scan

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