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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
5801Ring, merry bells, this day is born a King[Ring, merry bells, this day is born a King]TextScoreAudio
5802Ring out the old, ring in the newWALTHAM (Calkin)TextScoreAudio
5803Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bells[Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bells]TextScoreAudio
5804Ring, ye chiming bells, your gladsome story[Ring, ye chiming bells, your gladsome story]TextScoreAudio
5805Ring out, ye bells, your music tellsCAPE HATTERASTextScoreAudio
5806Rise, arise! Rise, ariseFAHRE FORTTextScoreAudio
5807Rise! to arms! With prayer employ youWACHET AUFTextScoreAudio
5808Rise, all who seek the CrucifiedST. CATHERINE (Walton)TextScoreAudio
5809Rise, crowned with light, imperial Salem, riseNATIONAL HYMNTextScoreAudio
5810Rise at the cry of battleBATTLE CRYTextScoreAudio
5811Rise, glorious Conqueror, riseRIGHINITextScoreAudio
5812Rise in the strength of GodTOTTERIDGETextScoreAudio
5813Rise, my soul, to watch and praySTRAF MICH NICHTTextScoreAudio
5814Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsAMSTERDAMTextScoreAudio
5815See, the seal is rudely brokenADORATION (Doane)TextScoreAudio
5816There's a song on my lipsDAMARISTextScoreAudio
5817Risen is our glorious king[Risen is our glorious king]TextScoreAudio
5818Rise, Thou Light of Gentile nationsO DU LIEBEScoreAudio
5819Rise up, and hasten! my soul, haste along[Rise up, and hasten! my soul, haste along]TextScoreAudio
5820Rise up, O men of GodFESTAL SONGTextScoreAudio
5821There's a star in the East on Christmas morn[There's a star in the East on Christmas morn]TextScoreAudio
5822Rise, ye children of salvationUNSER HERRSCHERTextScoreAudio
5823Rise, O my soul, pursue the pathPETERBOROUGH (Harrison)TextScoreAudio
5824Rise, O Salem, rise and shineJESUS ALLT MITT GODA ÄRTextScoreAudio
5825Rites cannot change the heartDENNISTextScoreAudio
5826The river of Thy grace is flowing free[The river of Thy grace is flowing free]TextScoreAudio
5827O wonderful river! O life giving river[O wonderful river! O life giving river]TextScoreAudio
5828Remember in youth thy CreatorUNSELDTextScoreAudio
5829Regard my grief and rescue mePRESTON (Doane)TextScoreAudio
5830Rock of Ages, cleft for meTOPLADYTextScoreAudio
5831Rock of Ages, let our songMAOZ TSURTextScoreAudio
5832Rocked in the cradle of the deep[Rocked in the cradle of the deep]TextScoreAudio
5833Oh! sometimes the shadows are deep[Oh! sometimes the shadows are deep]TextScoreAudio
5834Rock in the desert, my shield from the blast[Rock in the desert, my shield from the blast]TextScoreAudio
5835Rod of the Root of JesseSCHROEDERTextScoreAudio
5836'Tis a blessèd hope, and it cheers my soul['Tis a blessèd hope, and it cheers my soul]TextScoreAudio
5837Rejoice, O land, in God thy mightWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
5838Receive, O Lord, in Heaven aboveST. AMBROSETextScoreAudio
5839Hear the order of the Captain calling[Hear the order of the Captain calling]TextScoreAudio
5840Roll out, O song to GodVIGLIATextScoreAudio
5841Jesus was standing beside a grave[Jesus was standing beside a grave]TextScoreAudio
5842There is room in the fold of the Shepherd[There is room in the fold of the Shepherd]TextScoreAudio
5843Room for the penitent, burdened with sin[Room for the penitent, burdened with sin]TextScoreAudio
5844Rorate coeli desuper!RORATETextScoreAudio
5845The roseate hues of early dawnELLACOMBETextScoreAudio
5846Ring out the bells for Christmas[Ring out the bells for Christmas]TextScoreAudio
5847Roll on, though mighty oceanLYMINGTONTextScoreAudio
5848Round me falls the nightSEELENBRÄUTIGAMTextScoreAudio
5849Round the Lord in glory seatedEBENEZERTextScoreAudio
5850Return, O wanderer, to thy homeRETURN (Monk)TextScoreAudio
5851Royal day that chasest gloomDIES EST LÆTITIÆTextScoreAudio
5852Central's never busy, always on the line[Central's never busy, always on the line]TextScore
5853The royal banners forward goHAMBURGTextScoreAudio
5854Royal songs, for the young and old[Royal songs, for the young and old]TextScoreAudio
5855Rejoice, rejoice, believer[Rejoice, rejoice, believer]TextScoreAudio
5856Round the sacred city gatherST. FRIDESWIDETextScoreAudio
5857Rulers of Sodom! hear the voiceCHESHIRETextScoreAudio
5858Rejoice today with one accordEIN FESTE BURGTextScoreAudio
5859Rejoice! the year upon its wayAETERNA CHRISTI MUNERATextScoreAudio
5860Ruler of the hosts of lightCANTERBURYTextScoreAudio
5861Rebels, who had dared to showDIXTextScoreAudio
5862Oh, the precious love of JesusKODAMBAKKAMTextScoreAudio
5863All hail the morn! when from the skiesANTIOCHTextScoreAudio
5864So tender, so precious[So tender, so precious]TextScoreAudio
5865Christmas in lands of the fir tree and pineREDNERTextScoreAudio
5866Sabbath day of rest and cheerSABBATSDAGTextScoreAudio
5867Sweet and clear the birds are singingCANTICLESTextScoreAudio
5868Thou whose hand did lead Thy chosen people[Thou whose hand did lead Thy chosen people]TextScoreAudio
5869Shall atheists dare insult the crossCHURCHTextScoreAudio
5870Since all the downward tracts of timeWILTSHIRETextScoreAudio
5871The seasons are fixed by wisdom divineASPINWALLTextScoreAudio
5872Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast[Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast]TextScoreAudio
5873Safe in Jehovah's keeping[Safe in Jehovah's keeping]TextScoreAudio
5874Safely through another weekSABBATHTextScoreAudio
5875A safe stronghold our God is stillEIN' FESTE BURGTextScoreAudio
5876Safe upon the billowy deepPOSENTextScoreAudio
5877In the good old way where the saints have gone[In the good old way where the saints have gone]TextScoreAudio
5878Such as in God the Lord do trustHIGH DUTCH TUNETextScoreAudio
5879Sailor, though the darkness gathersSAILINGTextScoreAudio
5880Upon a wide and stormy sea[Upon a wide and stormy sea]TextScoreAudio
5881Saint of God, elect and preciousST. THOMAS (Webbe)TextScoreAudio
5882The saints of God! their conflict pastJERVAULX ABBEYTextScoreAudio
5883The saints should never be dismayedBEATI IMMACULATITextScoreAudio
5884Sing aloud Jehovah's praisesFIDESTextScoreAudio
5885Dark land by night oppressed[Dark land by night oppressed]TextScoreAudio
5886Salvation is for ever nighLEIPZIGTextScoreAudio
5887Salvation unto us has comeES IST DAS HEILTextScoreAudio
5888There is sanctifying power[There is sanctifying power]TextScoreAudio
5889The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDTextScoreAudio
5890Songs anew of honor framingARNVILLETextScoreAudio
5891Savior, Prince of Israel's raceREDHEADTextScoreAudio
5892Sinner, art thou still secure?PLEYEL'S HYMNTextScoreAudio
5893Though beneath the drifting snow[Though beneath the drifting snow]TextScoreAudio
5894Say, sinner! hath a voice withinBERATextScoreAudio
5895Satisfied with Jesus is my soul today[Satisfied with Jesus is my soul today]TextScoreAudio
5896Hasten, Shepherd, to the mountain[Hasten, Shepherd, to the mountain]TextScoreAudio
5897All my life I had a longingSATISFIEDTextScoreAudio
5898Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus[Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus]TextScoreAudio
5899When the people of God were worshipping[When the people of God were worshipping]TextScoreAudio
5900The Savior, when to Heaven He roseEDEN (Mason)TextScoreAudio

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