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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
4601No other story will bear repeating[No other story will bear repeating]TextScoreAudio
4602Nothing but leaves! The Spirit grieves[Nothing but leaves! The Spirit grieves]TextScoreAudio
4603Would you know how I was savedAYERTextScoreAudio
4604Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exaltedBOLTONTextScoreAudio
4605Not in dumb resignationLLANGLOFFANTextScoreAudio
4606Nothing know we of the seasonALL SAINTS OLDTextScoreAudio
4607Christ went a building to prepare[Christ went a building to prepare]TextScoreAudio
4608Not my own, but saved by Jesus[Not my own, but saved by Jesus]TextScoreAudio
4609Not now, my child, a little more rough tossing[Not now, my child, a little more rough tossing]TextScoreAudio
4610Not only when ascends the songASCENDING SONGTextScoreAudio
4611Not unto us, O Lord of Heav'nGAIRNEY BRIDGETextScoreAudio
4612Not what I am, O Lord, but what Thou artLANGRANTextScoreAudio
4613Now to Heaven our prayer ascendingAR HYD Y NOSTextScoreAudio
4614Now to the Lord a noble songDUKE STREETTextScoreAudio
4615Now to the Lord, that makes us knowWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
4616Now all the woods are sleepingINNSBRUCKTextScoreAudio
4617Now begin the heav'nly themePLEYEL'S HYMNTextScoreAudio
4618Now blessèd be Jehovah, GodCORONATIONTextScoreAudio
4619Now the day is overMERRIALTextScoreAudio
4620Now that the daylight dies awayST. FLAVIANTextScoreAudio
4621Now from the altar of my heartNAOMITextScoreAudio
4622Now from the world withdrawnLABANTextScoreAudio
4623Now the green blade rises from the buried grainBORROWScoreAudio
4624Now hail we our RedeemerFÖRLOSSNINGEN ÄR VUNNENTextScoreAudio
4625Now I have found the firm foundationO DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNGENTextScoreAudio
4626Now I have found a friend, Jesus is mineOAKTextScoreAudio
4627Now I know what makes me happy[Now I know what makes me happy]TextScoreAudio
4628Now I'm convinced the Lord is kindGERONTIUSTextScoreAudio
4629Now I resolve with all my heartROCKINGHAM (Mason)TextScoreAudio
4630Now let the feeble all be strongALSTONETextScoreAudio
4631Now let our lips with holy fearFIRST MODE MELODYTextScoreAudio
4632Now let our mournful songs recordANGELUSTextScoreAudio
4633Now let us sing the angels' songRANDEGGERTextScoreAudio
4634Now lift the carol, men and maids[Now lift the carol, men and maids]TextScoreAudio
4635Now let our mourning hearts reviveMEARTextScoreAudio
4636Now the Lord our souls has fedNEW CALABARTextScoreAudio
4637Now, on land and sea descendingVESPER HYMN (Stevenson)TextScoreAudio
4638Not worthy, Lord, to gather up the crumbsMORECAMBETextScoreAudio
4639Now plead my cause, almighty GodBEATI IMMACULATITextScoreAudio
4640Now are the days fulfilledWAS FRAG' ICH NACH DER WELTTextScoreAudio
4641Now rest beneath night's shadowO WELT, ICH MUSS DICH LASSENTextScoreAudio
4642Now rest, ye pilgrim host, look back upon your wayTHE PILGRIM HOSTTextScoreAudio
4643Now Satan comes with dreadful roarOLD MARTYRSTextScoreAudio
4644Now the shades of night are goneVIENNATextScoreAudio
4645Now shall my solemn vows be paidNATIVITYTextScoreAudio
4646Now the silence, now the peace[Now the silence, now the peace]TextScoreAudio
4647Now sweeping down the years untoldWISDOMTextScoreAudio
4648Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voicesNUN DANKETTextScoreAudio
4649Now that the daylight fills the skyWARRINGTONTextScoreAudio
4650Now the king in Thy strength shall be joyful, O LordLATAKIATextScoreAudio
4651Now yield we thanks and praise to Christ enthroned in gloryWAS FRAG' ICH NACH DER WELTTextScoreAudio
4652Now blessing, honor, glory, praiseMEARTextScoreAudio
4653Now praise we Christ, the Holy OneCHRISTUM WIR SOLLEN LOBEN SCHONTextScoreAudio
4654Now praise we great and famous menACH GOTT UND HERRTextScoreAudio
4655No beautiful chamber, no soft cradle bedCARTERTextScoreAudio
4656Not so in haste my heartDOLOMITE CHANTTextScoreAudio
4657Not a thought of earthly thingsGROSVENOR (Wesley)TextScoreAudio
4658Now to God, our strength and SaviorSTOCKWELLTextScoreAudio
4659Now the laborer's task is o'erREQUIESCATTextScoreAudio
4660Nations that long in darkness walkedMARBLEHEADTextScoreAudio
4661Now that the sun is gleaming brightABIDING GRACETextScoreAudio
4662Not to the terrors of the LordROCHESTER (Holdroyd)TextScoreAudio
4663Now unto Jehovah, ye sons of the mightyARLESTextScoreAudio
4664When we gather at last over Jordan[When we gather at last over Jordan]TextScoreAudio
4665We come again, O gracious Lord[We come again, O gracious Lord]TextScoreAudio
4666Now with joyful exultationBEECHERTextScoreAudio
4667Now, when the dusky shades of night, retreatingLAUS MATUTINATextScoreAudio
4668Not what my hands have doneLEOMINSTERTextScoreAudio
4669Now with creation's morning songFESTUSTextScoreAudio
4670New wonders of Thy mighty handDUNDEETextScoreAudio
4671Now woods and wolds are sleepingINNSBRUCKTextScoreAudio
4672Let our choir new anthems raiseST. KEVINText
4673There’s a city of light 'mid the stars, we are toldPALESTINETextScoreAudio
4674Object of all our knowledge hereSAGINA (Short)TextScoreAudio
4675Once again, dear Lord, we prayINNOCENTSTextScoreAudio
4676On all the earth Thy Spirit showerCHURCH TRIUMPHANTTextScoreAudio
4677Of all in earth or HeavenANNIE LAURIETextScoreAudio
4678O all ye peoples, bless our GodANCYRATextScoreAudio
4679Only an armor bearer, firmly I stand[Only an armor bearer, firmly I stand]TextScoreAudio
4680O blessèd be the Lord[O blessèd be the Lord]TextScoreAudio
4681Beautiful sea, O beautiful sea[Beautiful sea, O beautiful sea]TextScoreAudio
4682Hear the voice of Jesus pleading[Hear the voice of Jesus pleading]TextScoreAudio
4683When the Bridegroom cometh by and by[When the Bridegroom cometh by and by]TextScoreAudio
4684Sinner, how thy heart is troubled[Sinner, how thy heart is troubled]TextScoreAudio
4685O beautiful for spacious skiesMATERNATextScoreAudio
4686One blessèd hour with Jesus our Lord[One blessèd hour with Jesus our Lord]TextScoreAudio
4687O blessèd home where man and wifeKOMMT HER ZU MIRTextScoreAudio
4688On the birthday of the LordIN NATALI DOMINITextScoreAudio
4689O blessèd Jesus! ThisRINEYTextScoreAudio
4690O blessèd day of motherhoodMATERTextScoreAudio
4691O blessèd day when from the tombLOURDESTextScoreAudio
4692O blessèd, blessèd BibleLOUISVILLETextScoreAudio
4693O blessèd Holy TrinityO HEILIGE DREIFALTIGKEITTextScoreAudio
4694O blessèd hour when first I knewOVERLAND PARKTextScoreAudio
4695O bread of life from HeavenO WELT, ICH MUSS DICH LASSENTextScoreAudio
4696O brother, life's journey beginning[O brother, life's journey beginning]TextScoreAudio
4697O bless the Lord, my soulST. THOMAS (Williams)TextScoreAudio
4698O blessèd Lord, what hast Thou doneEVANTextScoreAudio
4699O brothers, lift your voices, triumphant songs to raiseLLANGLOFFANTextScoreAudio
4700O blest Creator of the lightBROMLEY (Clark)TextScoreAudio

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