Church Hymns and Tunes

Editor: Rev. Herbert B. Turner, D. D., William F. Biddle
Publisher: A. S. Barnes & Co., New York, 1906
Language: English
Notes: Hymns, Doxologies, Chants, and Responses are numbered separately
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
519I'm but a stranger hereHEAVNE IS MY HOMEPage Scan
520aJerusalem the goldenEWINGPage Scan
520bJerusalem the goldenURBS BEATAPage Scan
521For thee, O dear, dear countryEDEN GROVEPage Scan
522The Homeland! O the Homeland!THE HOMELANDPage Scan
523Brief life is here our portionANFIELDPage Scan
524The world is very evilPEARSALLPage Scan
525Ten thousand times ten thousandALFORDPage Scan
526The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDPage Scan
527aHark! hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swellingPILGRIMSPage Scan
527bHark! hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swellingVOX ANGELICAPage Scan
528O what the joy and the glory must beO QUANTA QUALIAPage Scan
529City of God, how broad and farCHESTERFIELDPage Scan
530One holy Church of God appearsNEWTONPage Scan
531O, where are kings and empires nowST. ANNEPage Scan
532Great is the Lord our GodBETHLEHEMPage Scan
533Sweet is the solemn voice that callsWARRINGTONPage Scan
534I love Thy kingdom, LordST. THOMASPage Scan
535aNow rest, ye pilgrim hostST. ISHMAELPage Scan
535bNow rest, ye pilgrim hostTHE PILGRIM HOSTPage Scan
536The Church's one foundationAURELIAPage Scan
537Lord of the worlds aboveCHRIST CHURCHPage Scan
538We love the place, O GodST. CECILIAPage Scan
539Zion stands by hills surroundedASHBURTONPage Scan
540Christ is made the sure foundationTRIUMPHPage Scan
541Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMNPage Scan
542In loud exalted strainsKING OF GLORYPage Scan
543O Thou, whose own vast temple standsAZMONPage Scan
544Lord of hosts! to Thee we raiseUNIVERSITY COLLEGEPage Scan
545O Lord of hosts, whose glory fillsWAREHAMPage Scan
546Founded on Thee, our only LordPENTECOSTPage Scan
547Today beneath benignant skiesVALETEPage Scan
548Christ is our CornerstoneDARWALLPage Scan
549Lord of our life, and God of our salvationCLOISTERSPage Scan
550How beauteous are their feetSCHUMANNPage Scan
551Pour out Thy Spirit from on highEASTONPage Scan
552We bid thee welcome in the nameKEBLEPage Scan
553Bow down Thine ear, Almighty LordMENDONPage Scan
554Lord of the living harvestHOLY CHURCHPage Scan
555We pray Thee, Jesus, who didst firstDONAPage Scan
556Stand, soldier of the crossSILVER STREETPage Scan
557Gracious Saviour, gentle ShepherdDISMISSALPage Scan
558Saviour, Who Thy flock art feedingARUNDELPage Scan
559Heav'nly Father! may Thy loveNEWINGTONPage Scan
560Blessed Jesus, here we standTENDER SHEPHERDPage Scan
561See, Israel's gentle Shepherd standsRAVENGLASPage Scan
562A little child the Saviour cameHIGHGATEPage Scan
563In token that thou shalt not fearMARLOWPage Scan
564How large the promise, how divineLYNTONPage Scan
565Arm these Thy servants, mighty LordPETERBOROUGHPage Scan
566O God, unseen, yet ever nearSAWLEYPage Scan
567In mem'ry of the Saviour's loveST. PETERPage Scan
568All praise to Him of NazarethLUCIUSPage Scan
569According to Thy gracious wordDALEHURSTPage Scan
570A parting hymn we singDENNISPage Scan
571Jesus, Thou joy of loving heartsQUEBECPage Scan
572Bread of heav'n, on Thee I feedSPANISH HYMNPage Scan
573Jesus, to Thy table ledLACRYMAEPage Scan
574For the bread and for the wineGRATIAS AGIMUSPage Scan
575O bread to pilgrims givenHOLBORNPage Scan
576Lamb of God, whose bleeding loveGERSAUPage Scan
577Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to faceLANGRANPage Scan
578Draw nigh and take the body of the LordLAMMASPage Scan
579Bread of the world in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMNPage Scan
580By Christ redeemed, in Christ restoredHANFORDPage Scan
581From the table now retiringWHATLEYPage Scan
582Lift up your heads, ye gates of brassBRACONDALEPage Scan
583O Lord our God, ariseLABANPage Scan
584Fling out the banner! let it floatWALTHAMPage Scan
585Jesus shall reign where'er the sunMISSIONARY CHANTPage Scan
586Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaimPARK STREETPage Scan
587O Sion, haste, thy mission high fulfillingTIDINGSPage Scan
588Christ for the world we singAMORYPage Scan
589aThou Whose almighty wordITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
589bThou Whose almighty wordWESTERDALEPage Scan
590Saviour, Who Thy life didst giveCONSECRATIONPage Scan
591And is the time approachingHATFIELD HALLPage Scan
592Our country's voice is pleadingLANCASHIREPage Scan
593The morning light is breakingWEBBPage Scan
594From Greenland's icy mountainsMISSIONARY HYMNPage Scan
595Hail to the Lord's anointedGREENLANDPage Scan
596Watchman, tell us of the nightST. GEORGE'S WINDSORPage Scan
597aHark! the song of jubileeLAETITIAPage Scan
597bHark! the song of JubileeONIDOPage Scan
598aOn the mountain's top appearingHEBERPage Scan
598bOn the mountain's top appearingZIONPage Scan
599aLord, her watch Thy church is keepingEVERTONPage Scan
599bLord, her watch Thy church is keepingFABENPage Scan
600Saints of God! the dawn is bright'ningREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
601Speed Thy servants, Saviour, speed themBLESSINGPage Scan
602aSaviour, sprinkle many nationsFALFIELDPage Scan
602bSaviour, sprinkle many nationsST. OSWALDPage Scan
603Soldiers of the cross, ariseINNOCENTSPage Scan
604Lord of the harvest, it is right and meetHARVESTPage Scan
605Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morningWESLEYPage Scan
606Trumpet of God, sound highRANGOONPage Scan
607O thou great Teacher from the skiesDEDHAMPage Scan
608Fountain of good, to own Thy lovePERDITAPage Scan
609Thou Lord of life, our saving healthGERMANYPage Scan
610Lord of glory, Thou hast bought usCHILSTONPage Scan

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