Church Hymn Book: consisting of newly composed hymns with the addition of hymns and psalms, from other authors, carefully adapted for the use of public worship, and many other occasions (1st ed.)

Editor: Paul Henkel
Publisher: Solomon Henkel (Printer), New Market, Va., 1816
Denomination: German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Tennessee
Language: English
Notes: Psalms are numbered separately
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P.XXXVII.IIIMy God, the steps of pious menTextPage Scan
P.XXXVIIIAdmidst thy wrath remember loveTextPage Scan
P.XXXIX.IThus I resolv'd before the LordTextPage Scan
P.XXXIX.IITeach me the measure of my daysTextPage Scan
P.XXXIX.IIIGod of my life, look gently downTextPage Scan
P.XL.II Waited patient for the LordTextPage Scan
P.XL.IIThus saith the Lord, your work is vainTextPage Scan
P.XLIBlest is the man, whose breast can moveTextPage Scan
P.XLII.IWith earnest longings of the mindTextPage Scan
P.XLII.IIMy spirit sinks within me, LordTextPage Scan
P.XLIIIJudge me, O God, and plead my causeTextPage Scan
P.XLIVLord, we have heard thy works of oldTextPage Scan
P.XLV.INow be my heart inspir'd to singTextPage Scan
P.XLV.IIThe King of saints, how fair his faceTextPage Scan
P.XLVI.IGod is the refuge of his saintsTextPage Scan
P.XLVI.IILet Zion in her King rejoiceTextPage Scan
P.XLVIIOh for a shout of sacred joyTextPage Scan
P.XLVIII.IGreat is the Lord our GodTextPage Scan
P.XLVIII.IIFar as thy name is knownTextPage Scan
P.XLIXWhy do the proud insult the poorTextPage Scan
P.LWhen Christ to judgment shall descendTextPage Scan
P.LI.IShow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgiveTextPage Scan
P.LI.IILord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sinTextPage Scan
P.LI.IIIO Thou that hear'st when sinners cryTextPage Scan
P.LIIWhy should the mighty make their boastTextPage Scan
P.LIIIAre all the foes of Zion foolsTextPage Scan
P.LIVBehold us, Lord, and let our cryTextPage Scan
P.LVO God, my refuge, hear my criesTextPage Scan
P.LVIO Thou whose justice reigns on highTextPage Scan
P.LVIIMy God in whom are all the springsTextPage Scan
P.LVIIISpeak, O ye judges of the earthTextPage Scan
P.LIXFrom foes, that round us riseTextPage Scan
P.LXLord thou hast scourg'd our guilty landTextPage Scan
P.LXIWhen overwhelm'd with griefTextPage Scan
P.LXIIMy spirit looks to God aloneTextPage Scan
P.LXIII.IEarly, my God, without delayTextPage Scan
P.LXIII.II'Twas in the watches of the nightTextPage Scan
P.LXIVGreat God, attend to my complaintTextPage Scan
P.LXV.IPraise waits in Zion, Lord, for theeTextPage Scan
P.LXV.II'Tis by thy strength the mountains standTextPage Scan
P.LXV.IIIGood is the Lord, the heav'nly KingTextPage Scan
P.LXVI.ISing, all ye nations to the LordTextPage Scan
P.LXVI.IINow shall my solemn vows be paidTextPage Scan
P.LXVIIShine, mighty God, on Zion shineTextPage Scan
P.LXVIII.ILet God arise in all his mightTextPage Scan
P.LXVIII.IILord when thou didst ascend on highTextPage Scan
P.LXVIII.IIIWe bless the Lord, the just, the goodTextPage Scan
P.LXIX.IDeep in our hearts let us recordTextPage Scan
P.LXIX.II'Twas for our sake eternal GodTextPage Scan
P.LXXIn haste, O God, attend my callTextPage Scan
P.LXXI.IMy God, my everlasting hopeTextPage Scan
P.LXXI.IIMy Saviour, my almighty FriendTextPage Scan
P.LXXI.IIIGod of my childhood, and my youthTextPage Scan
P.LXXII.IGreat God, whose universal swayTextPage Scan
P.LXXII.IIJesus shall reign where'er the sunTextPage Scan
P.LXXIII.INow I'm convinc'd the Lord is kindTextPage Scan
P.LXXIII.IIGod, my supporter and my hopeTextPage Scan
P.LXXIVWill God for ever cast us off?TextPage Scan
P.LXXVTo thee, most high and holy GodTextPage Scan
P.LXXVIIn Judah God of old was knownTextPage Scan
P.LXXVII.ITo God I cry'd with mournful voiceTextPage Scan
P.LXXVII.IIHow awful is thy chast'ning rod!TextPage Scan
P.LXXVIII.ILet children hear the mighty deedsTextPage Scan
P.LXXVIII.IIOh what a stiff rebellious houseTextPage Scan
P.LXXVII.IIIWhen Isr'l sinn'd the Lord reprov'dTextPage Scan
P.LXXVIII.IVGreat God, how oft did Isra'l proveTextPage Scan
P.LXXIXBehold, O God, what cruel foesTextPage Scan
P.LXXXGreat Shepherd of thine IsraelTextPage Scan
P.LXXXISing to the Lord aloudTextPage Scan
P.LXXXIIAmong th'assemblies of the greatTextPage Scan
P.LXXXIIIAnd will the God of graceTextPage Scan
P.LXXXIVLord of the worlds aboveTextPage Scan
P.LXXXV.ILord, thou hast call'd thy grace to mindTextPage Scan
P.LXXXV.IISalvation is for ever nighTextPage Scan
P.LXXXVIAmong the princes, earthly godsTextPage Scan
P.LXXXVIIGod in his earthly temple laysTextPage Scan
P.LXXXVIIITo thee, my God and Saviour, ITextPage Scan
P.LXXXIXForever shall my song recordTextPage Scan
P.XC.IOur God, our help in ages pastTextPage Scan
P.XC.IILord, if thine eyes survey our faultsTextPage Scan
P.XC.IIIReturn, O God of love, returnTextPage Scan
P.XCI.IHe that hath made his refuge GodTextPage Scan
P.XCI.IIYe sons of men, a feeble raceTextPage Scan
P.XCII.ISweet is the work, my God, my KingTextPage Scan
P.XCII.IILord, 'tis a pleasant thing to standTextPage Scan
P.XCIIIWith glory clad, with strength array'dTextPage Scan
P.XCIV.IO God! to whom revenge belongsTextPage Scan
P.XCIV.IIWho will arise and plead my rightTextPage Scan
P.XCVCome let our voices join to raiseTextPage Scan
P.XCVISing to the Lord, ye distant landsTextPage Scan
P.XCVII.IHe reigns; the Lord, the Saviour reigns!TextPage Scan
P.XCVII.IIThe Lord is come; the heav'ns proclaimTextPage Scan
P.XCVII.IIIThe Almighty reigns exalted highTextPage Scan
P.XCVIII.ITo our almighty Maker, GodTextPage Scan
P.XCVIII.IIJoy to the world, the Lord is comeTextPage Scan
P.XCIX.IThe God Jehovah reignsTextPage Scan
P.XCIX.IIExalt the Lord of GodTextPage Scan
P.CWith one consent, let all the earthTextPage Scan
P.CIMercy and judgment are my songTextPage Scan
P.CII.IHear me, O God, nor hide thy faceTextPage Scan

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