The A.M.E. Zion Hymnal: official hymnal of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

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601Knocks like JesusSOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN'Page Scan
602See that host all dressed in whiteTROUBLE THE WATERPage Scan
603We are climbing Jacob's ladderSOLDIER OF THE CROSSPage Scan
604There's a lit'l wheel a-turnin' in-a my heartIN-A MY HEARTPage Scan
605I'll take my gospel trumpetTHE WEARY TRAVELERPage Scan
606Lord, I want to be a ChristianIN-A MY HEARTPage Scan
607John said that Jerusalem was four-squareI WANT TO BE READYPage Scan
608I'm just a poor wayfaring strangerI'M GOING THEREPage Scan
609You'll hear the trumpet soundWHEN THE STARSPage Scan
610How can I say thanks for the things You have done for meMY TRIBUTE
611My Lord calls meSTEAL AWAYPage Scan
612It has landed many a thousandYARMOUTHPage Scan
613Jesus carry de young lambs in his bosom, bosomRISE AN' SHINEPage Scan
614Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm downOH, YES LORDPage Scan
615I tell you what I mean to doKEEP MEPage Scan
616Oh, walk together, childrenDON'T YOU GET WEARYPage Scan
617This little light of mineLATTIMERPage Scan
618Some of these mornings bright and fairDON'T YOU WEEPPage Scan
619Sometimes I feel discouragedBALM IN GILEADPage Scan
620Kum ba yah, my Lord, Kum ba yah!DESMONDPage Scan
621Oh, freedom! AND GO HOMEPage Scan
622It was good for our mothersGOOD ENOUGHPage Scan
623When Israel was in Egypt's landLET MY PEOPLE GO
624Chariot rode on the mountain topBUILD UP ZION'S WALLSPage Scan
625Going to lay down my sword and shieldDOWN BY THE RIVESIDEPage Scan
626When upon life's billows you are tempest tossedCOUNT YOUR BLESSINGSPage Scan
627Sweetly, Lord, have we heard Thee callingFOOTPRINTSPage Scan
628Precious Lord, take my handPRECIOUS LORD
629Shackled by a heavy burdenHE TOUCHED ME
630Preachers and teachers would make their appealSOMETHING WITHINPage Scan
631I can hear my Saviour calling[I can hear my Savior calling]Page Scan
632Beams of heaven as I goSOMEDAYPage Scan
633When the storms of life are ragingSTAND BY ME
634Sometimes our skies are cloudy and drearyALWAYS THEREPage Scan
635Nothing between my soul and my SaviorNOTHING BETWEENPage Scan
636We are tossed and driven on the restless sea of timeBY AND BYPage Scan
637If the world from you withholdLEAVE IT THEREPage Scan
638I heard an old, old storyHARTFORD
639There was a time I know When in the book of heav'nTHE OLD ACCOUNTPage Scan
640We shall overcomeMARTINPage Scan
641In shady green pastures, so rich and so sweetGOD LEADSPage Scan
642Why should I feel discouragedHIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROWPage Scan
643So precious is Jesus, my Savior, my KingSO PRECIOUSPage Scan
644I come to the garden aloneI COME TO THE GARDEN ALONE
645I'm pressing on the upward wayHIGHER GROUNDPage Scan
646Tell me the story of JesusSTORY OF JESUSPage Scan
647Am I a soldier of the crossWHEN THE BATTLE'S OVERPage Scan
648Come, we that love the LordMARCHING TO ZIONPage Scan
649Zion Church goes marching onwardZION
650God whose love doth overarch usBISHOP BROWN
651O God Our Rock and our SalvationCWM RHONDDA
652O holy Three in OneITALIAN HYMN (TRINITY)
653Lift ev'ry voice and singLIFT EV'RY VOICEPage Scan
654By trouble oft I'm overwhelmedCOMFORTPage Scan
655Justice and peace it does not bodeHENRYPage Scan
656Bless, O Lord, our country, Africa SPIRIT DESCENDSPage Scan
657To Judah's rugged lofty landZERAHPage Scan
658Work of our Founders we extolALL SAINTSPage Scan
659This stone to thee in faith we layDUKE STREETPage Scan
660We have to sit in the gallery slave and free blackDOWN HERE, LORD
661Lord, it belongs not to my careZORMETO
662What a fellowship, what a joy divineSHOWALTERPage Scan
663Through Zion's wars, we have triumphant comeA MIGHTY VOICE
664A few more years shall rollBEALOTHPage Scan
665Come on, my partners in distressALLGUTIGER MEIN PREISGESANDPage Scan
667Come Peace of God, and dwell again on earthKOFI ANNOBILPage Scan
668How to reach the masses, men of every birth?LIFT HIM UPPage Scan
669Rescue the perishingRESCUEPage Scan
670Brightly beams our Father's mercyLOWER LIGHTSPage Scan
671We pledge our all in service to the masterLONDONDERRY
672Give of your best to the MasterBARNARDPage Scan
673Take my life, and let it beHENDONPage Scan
674I would be true, for there are those that trust mePEEKPage Scan
675We are the Buds of ZionWE ARE THE BUDSPage Scan
676We're Buds of Promise Working for the MasterALL FOR JESUS
677Throw out the lifeline across the dark wave!LIFELINEPage Scan
678O Master, let me walk with TheeMARYTON
679God be merciful unto usTHOMAS
680Onward Christian LaityST GERTRUDE
681Guide me, O Thou great JehovahZIONPage Scan
682Rise up, O men of God!FESTAL SONGPage Scan
683We are one in the SpiritST. BRENDAN'SPage Scan
684Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYPage Scan
685The Lord is in His holy temple[The Lord is in His holy temple]Page Scan
686O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness[O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness]Page Scan
687Lord, have mercy upon us[Lord, have mercy upon us]Page Scan
688Hear our prayer, O Lord[Hear our prayer, O Lord]Page Scan
689He is Lord, he is Lord!HE IS LORDPage Scan
690Saviour, hear us, we prayLUCYPage Scan
691Hear Thou in love, O Lord,our cry[Hear Thou in love, O Lord,our cry]Page Scan
692Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on meLIVING GOD
693Grant us this grace, we beseech Thee, O Lord[Grant us this grace, we beseech Thee, O Lord]Page Scan
694Lord, be gracious unto us[Lord, be gracious unto us]Page Scan
695Hosanna in the hieghest![Hosanna in the hieghest]Page Scan
696Thy testimonies are very sure[Thy testimonies are very sure]Page Scan
697God be merciful unto us and bless us[God be merciful unto us and bless us]Page Scan
698O Lord, open Thou our eyes[O Lord, open Thou our eyes]Page Scan
699Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart[Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart]Page Scan
700Let the words of my mouth[Let the words of my mouth]Page Scan
701My God my Father, while I strayHANFORDPage Scan

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