African Methodist Episcopal hymn and tune book: adapted to the doctrine and usages of the church.

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
706Ye saints of God, awakeDENNISPage Scan
707I will not let thee goI WILL NOT LET THEE GOPage Scan
708On the shore beyond the seaTURNERPage Scan
709The Lord's annointed, O ye kingsANVERNPage Scan
710I sing the presence of my LordANVERNPage Scan
711Death is no more among our foesANVERNPage Scan
712God of eternity, from theeWELLSPage Scan
713God calling yet! shall I not hear?WELLSPage Scan
714How vast the treasure we possessWELLSPage Scan
715Daughter of Zion, from the dustCLIFFORDPage Scan
716Come, Lord, in mercy come againCLIFFORDPage Scan
717Let Zion and her sons rejoiceCLIFFORDPage Scan
718Saviour, visit thy plantationGAYLORDPage Scan
719Come to Jesus, Come to JesusJUST NOWPage Scan
720Lord God, the Holy Ghost!KENTUCKYPage Scan
721Jesus, my Lord, my GodKENTUCKYPage Scan
722Thou, Lord, on whom I still dependYOAKLEYPage Scan
723When quiet in my house I sitYOAKLEYPage Scan
724Cast thy bread upon the watersTRIUMPHPage Scan
725Blessed angels, high in heavenTRIUMPHPage Scan
726Father, hear the prayer we offer!TRIUMPHPage Scan
727Vain were all our toil and laborTRIUMPHPage Scan
728Oh, may the days of childhoodDICKERSONPage Scan
729Alma mater, years have rolledGAINESPage Scan
730Softly sing our parting layLEEPage Scan
731We are the children of the churchOUR FATHERS' CHURCHPage Scan
732Come, classmates, gather once againQUINNPage Scan
733Lord we lift our hearts to theePAYNEPage Scan
734A song, I'll sing to youHENDERSONPage Scan
735My infant, Lord, to thee I gladly bringSHORTERPage Scan
736Onward! onward! onward Christian soldiersGRANTPage Scan
737Shout, O shout we are coming! Allen's youthful sonsARMSTRONGPage Scan
738The friends of Christian Education callWAYMANPage Scan
739"Scale the heights and take the city!"SALTERSPage Scan
740Alma Mater, we are loath to leave theeHANDYPage Scan
741Lo! the glorious dawn is breakingDERRICKPage Scan
742We launch today on the voyage of lifeARNETTPage Scan
743Life's ocean spreads away before usMITCHELLPage Scan
744Jesus, lover of my soulJESUS, LOVER OF MY SOULPage Scan
745Hark! listen to the trumpetersMETROPOLITANPage Scan
746Sister, thou wast mild and lovelyRATHBUNPage Scan
747Jesus, while our hearts are bleedingSICILYPage Scan
748Cease, ye mourners, cease to languishREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
749How blest the righteous when he dies!FEDERAL STREETPage Scan
750Come all ye people great and smallCORONATIONPage Scan
751Oh comfort ye my people!Page Scan
752From out the tomb the Saviour comesMETROPOLITANPage Scan
753All hail the morn! when from the skiesANTIOCHPage Scan
754O Lord of hosts, we seek to raiseWARDPage Scan
755Away from his home and the friends of his youthPage Scan
756My Saviour's name I'll gladly singFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
757Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingZIONPage Scan
758Lo, on a narrow neck of landMERIBAHPage Scan
759Though troubles assail, and dangers affrightPage Scan
760The hour of my departure's comeHAMBURGPage Scan

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