Praise God from whom all blessings flow to LASST UNS ERFREUEN

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When I use Advanced Search to bring up the instances of this pairing, it shows 11, but when I try to get to the same information "from the other end" so to speak, by clicking on "All tunes published with..." on the text authority page, the results don't include that tune at all that I can see. Why this disparity or discrepancy or whatever kind of dis dis is? Oh, wait, I see it, for reasons known only to angels and demons, it's calling the tune "Keswick Doxology"... but it's only showing 5 pairings, when there are clearly 11 instances of the pairing in the database. Why? And why can't the database be trained to use the normal names for things? Most people don't know BELLEVUE is just another word for FOUNDATION, or McINTOSH means the same as NEW BRITAIN (both of which they erroneously think of as AMAZING GRACE)? ...


1. The first line "Praise God from whom all blessings flow" is used in a number of hymns not written by Thomas Ken. Only 5 of the 11 instances in your search are the hymn written by Thomas Ken. So the number is accurate from the other end.

2. Search results (which is basically what is listed when you click on "All tunes published with...") come from the Instances rather than the authorities because if someone searches "Bellevue" and the result is "Foundation" it would be more confusing than if the result was "Bellevue" but clicking on the result brought them to "Foundation." 

3. The tune name "[Keswick Doxology]" was entered by a volunteer editor in the hymnal "Living Hymns"  (Better Music Publications, Greenville, SC, 1988) but it appears this is the tilte of the hymn in this hymnal, not the tune name, or the first line of the hymn. No other information was entered about the author of the text or the source of the tune, although the tune is connected to LASST UNS ERFREUEN in the database. So, basically, there is one instance of "Praise God..." by Ken with this tune name. 

4 We are not sure why the system is selecting this instance as a result but it may be because if you think the tune might be named "Keswick doxology" and you are not finding this name in the list under "Praise God" but you are finding LASST UNS ERFREUEN instead you would be more confused than if you find "Keswick doxolty" but when you click on it you find it is more commonly known as LASST UNS ERFREUEN.

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