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I recently acquired a copy of what I believe to be the 1974 printing (and "Thirty-seventh Edition") of the 1960 edition of Ellis J. Crum's Sacred Selections for the Church. The database has a page-scan indexing of this hymnal, however, the scans aren't identical to the copy I have, and I wonder about the publication date of the copy scanned. My copy's copyright notice reads

Copyright, © 1956, 1959, 1960 by Ellis J. Crum, all rights reserved.
International Copyright secured

The copy in the database has 1960 given as the Publication Date, but the Hymnal Authority is SS4C1956. Unless we are sure that the 1960 edition (and its 1974 printing) contain the same hymns as the 1956, shouldn't the 1960 edition be indexed as SS4C1960? My copy,also contains a hymn numbered "No. 1-a", "How Great Thou Art:", printed (not glued) on the front flyleaf, as well as unnumbered hymns identical to the last two in the database, printed on the endpaper and inside back cover, in the same red ink employed for the last three hymns in the database's scanned copies, but my copy lacks what the database calls "666"(!). The page scan of "No. 1" in the database has a scripture citation at the top and copyright statement at the bottom. My copy has the copyright statement at the top, and lacks the scripture citation. I am unsure how to proceed.


We have the 57th edition indexed. The preface is dated 1990. The first copyright date on the title page is 1956 and the last one is 1960. So, yes, the ID should probably be SS4C1960. You can move it if you want to.

But if I am reading that correctly, we'll end up with only a 1960 listing, but two different editions vying for it. Since the contents differ, both should be indexed, but if they're both 1960 that won't work. What should I call mine? I don't actually see a really good solution within the 8-digit parameter.

Since you have the 1974 printing (37th ed.) which is different from the 1990 (57th ed.)  you can use the id SSC1974, SSFC1974, or SS4C1974. Most people are going to search by the hymnal title or hymnal title and date, rather than by the hymnal ID.

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