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I'm trying to identify the tune to which the Sgaw Karen translation of "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone" is set in this hymnal. The hymnal is hardly indexed at all so far. I would help but I don't have a working Sgaw Karen (= Sagaw Kayin) keyboard. In any event, I tried typing the first few bars of the tune (#254 in that hymnal) into the search tool at "Search by Melody" but the results make no sense to me. I see that I did fail to sharp three of the last four notes. But I don't think that could account for the as far as I can see pretty much random differences between all the results and the search query tune.


The melody search works by finding patterns in the melody and does better with more information, such as the entire hymn. However, the feature depends on MIDI files and MusicXML files, so if Hymnary does not have either of these for a tune, the melody search will not find the tune. A search by incipit is usually more reliable

I didn't see a "Search by Incipit" option,  whereas "Search by Melody" was staring right at me in the left sidebar. The tune in question starts out like DENNIS, but is CM. Here is a page scan:

I think what you were looking for was the tune Arnold, by Samuel Arnold.

You can type the incipit into the main search box, or the Advanced Search has a field for it.

I now understand how to do an incipit search, and I would have probably figured it out if I hadn't seen "Search by Melody" and thought that would cover the incipit. And smorcos is correct, the tune is basically ARNOLD. I've never seen it used for "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone" before; I wonder where the Karen Anglicans got the idea of so using it, and whether perhaps it's a result of MAITLAND confusing issues in a tonal language.

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