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Who reversed my edits to the page for May P. Hoyt? It says "Nothing is known of this writer," but that is not true. I have plenty of good information on her. Look, you can run your website however you want, and I will run my website however I want, but I strongly urge against clinging to outdated research. This kind of nonsense makes me think twice about helping with this site. There has to be a better way to handle these situations.


It was I. I found the grave memorials on Find A Grave for Uriah Grandison Hoyt, Emma G. Pierpont Hoyt, their daughter Mary P. Hoyt and her step-mother Gracia B. Dutton Hoyt. I could not find any evidence that showed that Mary Pierpont Hoyt went by the name "May" or that she wrote any hymns. The newspaper article on Find A Grave for Gracia B. Dutton Hoyt says that Uriah Grandison Hoyt and his second wife Gracia (Grace) were prominent members of the Baptist Church. This hymn "Here at thy table Lord" appears mostly in Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) hymnals. It is possible Mary Pierpont Hoyt and May Pierpont Hoyt are the same person, but it is also possible that they are different people with similar names.

The DNAH Archive biographies have been researched; instead of editing them, it would be better to add more information above or below the biography, with a separator between, such as "=======" 

Okay, I found more information in "History of Oread Collegiate Institute, Worcester, Mass (1849-1881): with biographical sketches" (New Haven, Conn.: Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor, 1905) where she says she wrote #736 in Church Hymnary  - "Here at thy table, Lord." The biographical sketch also ties her to Uriah G. Hoyt and Emma P. Hoyt and refers to her as both Mary and May.

Correct. But rather than keeping my version, I think you should merge my dates into your paragraph. No need to keep both. Her proper date of death is from the New York State Death Index:

Take another look at the publication history. It is also commonly published in Baptist hymnals, and its first publication was by Bedell, in multiple editions/printings; he was organist at the Second Reformed Church in Albany, so I'm not sure how helpful it is to say it's mostly in Disciples hymnals.

First edition by Bedell is 1890: 

In her autobiography, she is referring to the Twentieth Century Edition (1900), which has both of her hymns.

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